This loyal dog has been going to the supermarket for 10 years to buy breakfast for his beloved grandmother

This is a moving and very moving story about a dog’s true loyalty. The dog was rescued by a grandmother 10 years ago.

The dog deserves praise because it knows how to repay the good that the old woman has done for him.

The owner abandoned the dog when it was a puppy. His wife adopted him and since then they have become true and loyal friends. The dog lived a happy life with the woman and they went out together.


The woman even took the dog to the store. Unfortunately, one day the woman fell and couldn’t get to the store. The dog already knows the way to the store.

The dog went to the store to buy food for his owner for 10 years. The dog does not leave the woman without breakfast. He does it with pleasure.


The dog insisted on going to find food for the owner. This dog is a loyal friend to a woman. The dog couldn’t let the old woman go hungry.

The dog loves its owner and hasn’t separated from her for 10 years. The dog gives back all the good that the woman has done for him.


This dog is a grateful and loyal dog. The dog has grown, but he does not care, he continues to do everything for a good woman.

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