Murder in the nurses ' home: man stabs three women – in short, he is dead

A terrible fact, attacked in the Ebersberger apartment building: the 30-year-old should, above all, his mother and his sisters. After he finished, apparently, Hon

A terrible fact, attacked in the Ebersberger apartment building: the 30-year-old should, above all, his mother and his sisters. After he ended, obviously, his life.

Update January 30, 09:40 a.m.: It was announced that the police in the early hours of the morning, a 52-year-old man seriously injured the mother of the perpetrator of the laboratory of an employee of the Ebersberg County Clinic. As such, they lived in a clinic belonging to the home.

Also, the perpetrators were new data. That’s how it should have happened in the past, once in the case of an attack and beating of a family member by a 30-year-old man. In addition, the young man struggled with mental problems and previously had to be treated in a closed institution due to the risk of suicide.

The perpetrator’s mother is not, as before, capable of being questioned. Therefore, according to the police, no new knowledge is currently expected about the sequence of events and the background.

Update until 8:25 p.m. on: How our newsroom found out at the scene that a man with Bosnian roots had died. He was supposed to visit his mother (52) in a nursing home. The 52-year-old probably works in the immediate vicinity of the County Infirmary. The man was accompanied by his two sisters. The children of the 52-year-old from Munich arrived together.

In the house, the family has to meet for reasons still unknown, in order to escalate. There was an outbreak of violence. The 30-year-old attacked his mother and sisters with a knife. Women were injured, some seriously. Danger to life, fortunately it shouldn’t. According to the first findings, the man should have had the least psychological problems.

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+ A large number of police officers rushed to the House. First of all, there was the fear of a school shooting.©Michael Acker

Ebersberger police were scared after the alarm went wild

The police moved after the alarm, with a large contingent. First of all, to go wild, it was feared to run away, the family background of the attack, came out later. At least ten police cars arrived at the apartment building. Shortly after, police officers found a 30-year-old man dead in the building. Apparently he put an end to his life.

+ There was a murder on the Ebersberger Of-Scala road on Tuesday afternoon. ©Google Maps

a man (30) and shortly afterwards wounded three women with a knife, he is dead

to be called only a message until 7:30 p.m.: boar mountain rescue service and the police were on Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. in a residential house in From-Scala-ceste. The as yet unknown perpetrator seriously injured three women with a knife. In the neighboring part of the house, the police later found the body of a 30-year-old man who apparently inflicted even fatal injuries with a kitchen knife.

the fact apparently happened in a so-called “home for the elderly”

In Scala Street, right next to the Ebersberg County Polyclinic, there is a Nursing Home for the staff of the vocational school for nurses. However, it has not yet been confirmed that the attack took place in this House.

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The police officers from Ebersberger started from suicide

to the extent that the officers of the police inspection of Ebersberg and consulted Erdinger were criminal to identify the officers, so far, the dead man of the suspect was found. Previously, he attacked three housemates with a knife and injured them.

The 52-year-old was in a hospital in Munich

All three injured women were transported to hospitals. The most seriously injured 52-year-old victim was taken to a hospital in Munich by rescue helicopter.

A forensic investigation of Erding at the scene is currently being undertaken.

On our own: reporting on suicide

In general, we do not report suicides, so such cases encourage potential copycats. Reporting takes place only if the circumstances cause special public attention. If you or someone you know is suffering from an existential life crisis or depression or is ill, contact the helpline at 0800-1110111. 0180-6553000 offers help to the psychiatry crisis service for Munich and Upper Bavaria. For more information, visit the website

Exciting for “mess,” says the judge must the accused is free

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