Backstroke Movie Ending Explained, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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A film about backstroke

Fans have been raving about the gripping horror film “Backstroke” and are anxious to know if it will be available on Netflix. The real “Backstroke” leaves viewers intrigued with its exciting story. The plot follows the tumultuous journey of two teenage runaways, Amber and Jake, who decide to take control of their lives by stealing a car and embarking on a daring adventure in Florida.

However, their innocent plans quickly turn into a nightmare when they find themselves trapped in a sinister game that threatens their lives. Backstroke was masterfully crafted by writer-director Robbie Barclay in 2017, masterfully blending suspense and horror to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The film features outstanding performances from Josefina Christoffersen and Shemar Jonas, who portray the troubled young protagonists, Amber and Jake, with intensity and depth. While “Backstroke” may not be available on Netflix right now, fans can still seek out this enchanting short film to experience its chilling atmosphere and captivating story. With its intriguing premise and outstanding performances, “Backstroke” offers an exciting and unforgettable cinematic experience.

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The end of the movie explained back

Fans of the grisly horror film “Backstroke” were enthralled by its intriguing story and yearning for more. Accompanied by pulsating electronic music, the recording creates an atmosphere of tension and excitement. However, it is important for fans to understand that this short clip may not capture the full essence of the film.

For those intrigued by the enigmatic appeal of “Backstroke”, it’s worth seeking out the full version to delve deeper into the story and fully appreciate the suspense, horror and all the surprises that await. Whether the film is available on Netflix or other platforms, exploring the full version promises to provide a more comprehensive and satisfying viewing experience for fans of the genre.

Back throw



Josefine Christoffersen


Tom Frank


Shemar Jonas


Lynn Sher

Female Voice

Backstroke plot

In the exciting thriller “Backstroke” we meet a pair of adventurous teenage runaways, Amber and Jake. Fueled by youthful rebellion and a thirst for freedom, they embark on a daring escape, hatching a plan to steal a car and hit the open road to the sunny shores of Florida. With their dreams of an exciting journey ahead of them, Amber and Jake embark on their daring journey, enjoying the thrill of their newfound freedom.

But as fate would have it, their journey takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger emerges from the shadows, casting an eerie aura of uncertainty. This enigmatic figure shrouded in ambiguity raises chilling questions about their encounter. What are the stranger’s true intentions? Are they a malevolent force or simply innocent bystanders caught in the web of Amber and Jake’s impulsive decisions?

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As the story develops, the tension rises, and the runaway teenagers find themselves entangled in a web of uncertainty and danger. Each twist reveals a layer of deceit, making them question who they can trust and what sinister forces may be lurking in the shadows. “Backstroke” explores the dark depths of human nature, the consequences of impulsive actions and the terrifying realization that our choices can lead us down treacherous paths.

Get ready for a thrill ride full of unexpected surprises as Amber and Jake’s adventure takes a chilling turn that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last moment.

Where to watch a movie about backstroke?

“Backstroke” is currently available to watch for free on YouTube, courtesy of the Alter channel, a platform dedicated to showcasing captivating and inventive short horror films. For those intrigued by this exciting genre, exploring the additional short films on Alter is highly recommended. Directed by Robbie Barclay, “Backstroke” is a 10-minute cinematic experience revolving around the lives of two teenage runaways.

Fueled by dreams of a brighter future, they bravely steal a car, envisioning a trip to Florida in search of a better life. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger unexpectedly crosses their path, hindering their escape and introducing an element of intrigue and suspense. Meeting this enigmatic individual changes the course of their journey, raises questions about their intentions and leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

Through Barclay’s direction, “Backstroke” immerses viewers in a gripping narrative that explores themes of escape, fate and the unintended consequences of impulsive actions. The film offers a compact yet impactful storytelling experience, showcasing the talents of the cast and crew. For fans of short horror films and those looking for an engaging and concise cinematic adventure, “Backstroke” is a tempting option. WITH

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About backstroke






Robbie Barclay


Robbie Barclay


Short, thriller

Release date

2017 (United States of America)

Country of origin

United States



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