Lovely scene. A caring man gives water to a thirsty koala and receives the sweetest “thank you” in return.

Heat can be dangerous and affect animals. People can protect themselves by drinking cold water or simply finding ways to cool down.

As for animals, they always encounter obstacles. They become weak and barely try to hide from the hot weather.

As temperatures soar, animals living in Australia face extreme heat and hardship. They always needed someone because the temperature reached 116 degrees.


There are animals that can withstand this heat, but koalas face hot weather with great anxiety. The locals are always there to help them.

A beautiful moment has been captured in which a man gives a hungry koala a drink. The man’s wife filmed the lovely scene.


The koala thanked the man in a nice way. The koala holds the man’s hand and expresses gratitude.

Here is the video:

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