Brian Holtzman Wikipedia, Standup, Tour, Comedy, Wiki

Brian Holtzman Wikipedia, Standup, Tour, Comedy, Wiki

Brian Holtzman Wikipedia, Standup, Tour, Comedy, Wiki – In 1988, I started doing standups in the Bay Area, Northern California. In 1989, I moved to the Comedy Store in Hollywood, California, from the Bay Area. I had to wait 5 years to get a regular paying job.

Brian Holtzman Wikipedia, Standup, Tour, Comedy, Wiki

I’ve been there since 1994. The one and only Mitzi Shore personally chose me. As the last performer today, I close the main hall on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. My sense of humor has been compared to that of Sam Kinison, Lenny Bruce and Woody Allen.

Honestly, my humor may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly for those who enjoy using their critical thinking skills and aren’t easily offended. I’ve never felt the need to quit my day job to get pampered and access the stand-up comedy scene. For reasons I wouldn’t come here, I quit my day job and immediately looked for a new one. You’ll be pretty clear on how it works if you’ve ever watched my show.

At the beginning of the new millennium, I was a guest on the show “Spouse and children”. Damon Wayans starred in this TV show, which I thought was very engaging and gratifying to be in. I’ve always wanted to appear on TV while doing a normal job. Why not do both if you can do both? Always choose steak sandwiches over bologna. I choose steak sandwiches instead of bologna sandwiches every day. Socially and personally, I find it terrible to be a failed manga series in the middle or late years.

Finally, I have to say that Comedy Store really spoiled me. I’m on the street. Why do I have to travel and risk rejection when I can face it every night in my own bed while facing an audience in my own city? In the movie “A Few Good Men” Jack Nicolson observed that some people cannot or cannot process the truth.

My hobbies also include bonsai, professional wrestling, horseback riding, and beach walks. Bingo and peanut butter and jelly toast are acceptable.

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