Los Angeles Fire Department’s heroic efforts save deer from a ‘sticky situation’

Los Angeles firefighters rescued two deer that were stuck in a door. Firefighters took to social media to share the dramatic rescue.

Footage of a deer stuck between a door. (Instagram/@lacountyfd)

“Engine and Patrol 144 in Westlake Village were able to rescue two deer that were stuck in a sticky situation. Fortunately, #LACoFD firefighters had the necessary resources to help and make a difference in ensuring the welfare and safety of these two deer,” wrote Los Fire Dept. of Angeles County in the post title. (Also read: ‘The candy thief’: A deer ‘broke into’ a pastry shop in Washington)

In the video of the rescue, you can see two deer, each stuck in a door. Deer can also be seen jumping, trying to break free. But it seems that their efforts are in vain. Finally the rescuers arrived near the gate and carefully freed the deer.

Watch the video of this dramatic deer rescue action here:

This video was shared just a day ago. Since it was published, it has been viewed more than 26,000 times. The share also received over 1,200 likes. Several even took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions to the video.

Here’s what people are saying about deer rescue:

The individual wrote: “Heroes to all living things! Thanks for always being there when help is needed. God bless our awesome firefighters.”

Another commented: “Bless you and thank you.” A third posted: “Thank you for your service.” “Stupid and dumber, but oh, he’s so cute! I’m so glad you helped them!” expressed the fourth.

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