All Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Come Together In Fan Art

A dedicated artist and fan Animal Crossing: New Horizons Successfully incorporate each character into the painting. Over 400 villagers can populate the player’s island, and coupled with the large number of NPCs, it’s a task that few consider. But this fan art proves that the feat is entirely possible.

when Animal Crossing: New Horizons Launched in March 2020, few expected it would eventually become a hit. While Nintendo’s life simulation game has been moderately successful, it’s mostly been considered a niche title. As of this writing, Nintendo has reportedly sold over 31 million copies of the game.This firmly ANIMAL CROSSING series with Nintendo’s other flagship games such as Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.

Reddit user Bluesonified (real name Yousuf Hassan) shared his thoughts new horizons’ Broad cast. While only the character’s head is shown in the fan art, every head is considered.With over 13,000 likes and over 200 comments, this fanart clearly struck a chord AC: NH Community.this Twitter The variation is also performing well – over 1,000 retweets, 5,000 likes, and 155 replies (as of this writing). In his reply, Hassan admitted that he ran out of space near the end, causing the lower right corner of the face to become smaller.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and people frantically search for their favorite villager in the vast crowd. Hassan’s art style has been widely praised, most often comparing it to Cartoon Network’s work. Many have called for fanart to be sold as collectibles or puzzles. Some even said he could make a fortune by selling it as an NFT. However, there is no word on whether Hassan will take the advice to heart.

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community for Animal Crossing: New Horizons The scale is huge and it shows no signs of slowing down. That’s no surprise considering the game’s updates are consistent and it’s designed to be played for many years. Hassan’s art is a perfect example – it’s time-consuming, but the results are unique and extraordinary. The fanart also showcases diverse character designs. Even seemingly unattractive characters still have their fans because of personal experiences with the series. Everyone has their own unique island life, and each villager has his or her own place in fans’ hearts.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Bluesonified/Reddit | Foozhochii/Twitter

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