Juliette Porter Clears Up Rumors About Siesta Key Ending

Juliet Potter just debunked a rumor nap button coming to a close and let fans know what she knows about the future of the MTV reality show. Sticking with the Florida series from the start, Juliet quickly became a queen and key star nap button. Swimsuit designer recently moved to Miami with others nap button Cast season 5; Portable Miami Nap Key Record that journey. However, ratings for reality shows have plummeted nap button Compared to last season, season 5 came out earlier nap button During the season 5 finale, the cast posted snapshots of the show they’ve been on for years, sparking speculation that this will be the show’s finale.

Juliette explains on Instagram that she doesn’t know if the final episode will come out nap button last series. On her Instagram Story, the Florida native told fans, “To be clear, neither of us knew if the show was over.” Although she admits that upper management may have known about the fate of the series, she insists the actor and her producer knew nothing. To give fans an insight into the reality TV business, Juliet said ratings and story potential determine whether a show gets a refresh.

Juliette Porter reveals the nostalgia of Siesta Key Cast

JMP Label Designer explains that while the actors don’t have a definitive answer nap buttonfuture, they remember how far they have come. Juliet was just 17 years old when she shot the pilot for the movie. She said it has changed too much nap button The cast from when they started filming until now. This nostalgia prompted them to post nostalgic photos on social media.

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guess about nap button It could end before the cast releases news of the early days of filming. Actually it seems nap button It may have been smoked for a while. As with many reality shows, the series struggled to find new niches as the cast matured and their priorities changed. Following actors to Miami and focusing on developing their careers is a great effort to stay true to their lives. But the plot of last season nap button It feels more fake than ever.

As Juliet pointed out, the reality show renewal will largely depend on the actors’ place in their lives and their potential for dramatic storylines. nap button The cast is basically stable. Maddison and Chloe are married, Brandon has children and Juliette is in a stable relationship. nap button It may not be over yet and it is safe to say that the series will not stay the same if renewed.

nap button Airs Thursdays on MTV at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: Juliet Porter/Instagram

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