Bleach: Why Ichigo’s Bankai Looks Different in Thousand-Year Blood War

fan bleach Who watched the first episode? Blood War of the Millennium There may be some doubts about Kurosaki Ichigo’s Myriad Realms. The main character’s most dramatic transformation in the anime looks very different from his transformation with Aizen Sousuke in the epic final battle, due to the part of Ichigo’s story that fans often try to ignore: The complete messenger arc is disgusting.

Bankai can be defined as the true power of the Shinigami and their Zanpakuto sword. When the Shinigami become strong enough, they are able to unleash Zanpakuto’s true form and power. Because these swords are actually a part of Death’s soul, their abilities and appearance vary according to their owner’s strength, personality, and training. Ichigo’s bankai is called Tensa Zangetsu, which he obtained through a special but dangerous training method. When released, Ichigo’s sword actually shrinks into a slimmer form with a short chain at the end. Ichigo’s cloak has been replaced by a long-sleeved, ankle-length black coat known as a shihakusho, which is part of his shihakusho, and the damage it can do is proportional to his level. Ichigo’s remaining level and mental strength. However, in the first episode Blood War of the MillenniumIchigo’s Bankai looks very different.

The reason for this change was during the battle with Aizen Sousuke Broken Face: Falling arc, Ichigo unleashes all of his Bankai powers to defeat his opponent, gaining his final Getsuga Tensho form, but also losing all of his Shinigami powers in the process. God of Death is missing The sequel then deals with how Ichigo regains his abilities by meeting a group of mystical psychic power users known as the Fullbring. Ichigo also awakens this power, then combines it with his Shinigami powers and restores it with the help of his friend Rukia and Captain Gotei Thirteen. As a result, the appearance of his deconstruction changed. Ichigo is currently wearing a white bra underneath his black shihakusho and black gloves with a white X. The chain is now longer, forming a wide loop from the bottom of the hilt to Ichigo’s gauntlet.

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Why are Ichigo’s Myriad Realms different in Millennium Blood War?

However, the Fullbringer part was generally despised by fans, who considered it a real disappointment after the story of Pomen and Aizen reached its climax. bleach the manga then continues Blood War of the Millennium and the epic clash between Shinigami and Quincy, anime fans have been waiting a long decade for this sequel to be adapted. Those who skipped the Messenger section may be confused by Ichigo’s Mankai’s new look, but they can rest assured that the changes are purely cosmetic. Tensa Zangetsu’s power remains the same: this form absorbs all of Bankai’s power and compresses it into a small condensed form, greatly increasing Ichigo’s speed and destructive power.

Ichigo’s Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, is one of the most iconic characters bleach, was instantly recognized by fans of the franchise. However, its appearance has actually changed several times throughout the series, reflecting Ichigo’s maturity. bleach: this Blood War of the Millennium It will also see Ichigo forced to further develop his powers to face Yhwach and his fearsome Quincy Empire.

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