I Am Shauna Rae: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Shauna Rae

I’m Shona Ray Follows Shauna Rae, a young woman who, due to a medical condition, is no taller than the average 8-year-old. The reality show TLC chronicles Shauna’s efforts to explore the world like other young people. Shauna is in an interesting position because she can educate the world about people with similar conditions and normalizes not to make assumptions about someone’s age just by their looks.

Whether looking for answers not offered on the show or just curious about this inspiring young woman, there’s a lot to learn about Shauna — including age, height, and plans. her for life off the show .

she is 22 years old

TLC still lists Shauna as 22, but she’s 23 now, and documents like her family and ID confirm this multiple times on the show.

According to her Instagram, Shauna enjoys doing things that are typical of her age, including going to bars and clubs with friends and traveling. Shauna is determined to live her best life despite the odd looks from the ignorant public.

she has a tattoo

Shauna got this tattoo in 2022 to look older and to try to remove some of the barriers she faces, such as people not believing she’s old enough to attend adult events like bars. bar.

While some might think this is a weird TLC show, since Shauna is in every way a typical adult, albeit shorter than the rest, that’s actually why the show important again. I’m Shona Ray It shows that people with different abilities and experiences live like everyone else, and her tattoo is an expression of that.

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She has a boyfriend

based on everybody, Shauna worries about starting a relationship with her current boyfriend Dan because he’s ready for a serious commitment, and Shauna gets tired of rushing into something too quickly. According to his Instagram, Dan is an Englishman of Welsh descent who has been traveling the world for four years.

Dan’s appearance on the show has drawn criticism for his motives, but that hasn’t stopped the two from enjoying time together and developing their relationship.

she started a fashion line

As fans of the show know, Shauna has trouble finding clothes that fit her better as an adult than as a child, making her even harder to look at for her age. In an effort to make the fashion industry more inclusive for people like her, Shauna is developing a smaller size line for adults that keeps up with all the latest trends. .

The new clothing line gives Shauna a career path outside of reality TV, should she ever want to leave the show. In doing so, she will be following in the footsteps of some of the most loved and hated Real housewives.

she has a thick skin

As any reality TV star knows, going out in public opens the door for viewers to express their opinions about them online, and their words aren’t always also positive or happy.

Shauna has received hate online for participating in the show or for behavior that others consider offensive or inappropriate. But Shawna chose to stay positive and not motivate haters to turn their backs on her. In an Instagram post, she encouraged fans to let go of the hate she’s used to and let the comments slip through her instead of ruining her day.

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she lives on long island

TLC made Long Island’s Theresa Caputo a celebrity on one of the best psychic/medium reality shows of all time. Now, the network has made Shauna Rae, who also lives on Long Island, a household name.

post in new york An article in January 2022 identified Shauna as a Long Island resident. Shauna sometimes has an accent when talking to friends and family, suggesting she’s from New York, but most of the time, her location can only be confirmed by the places she visits.

she has a brain tumor

as explained in the interview Dragon Pavilion Exhibition (via YouTube), Shauna was discovered to have a cancerous brain tumor when she was just 6 months old. The tumor ultimately affected her growth because it affected her pituitary gland, the gland that controls many aspects of human growth and development.

This, along with the treatments she received to block the effects of the cancer, stunted her growth and led to Shauna being diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism at the age of 20. 16. Shauna is now living a healthy life, but is still dealing with the effects of cancer. cancer, as the show featured.

she changed her last name

inside Dinh Dang Long In an interview, Shauna explained that she changed her birth name because she “had nothing to do with it.” Shauna’s last name is her biological father’s, and while close to her stepfather, she wants to define her life on her own terms and has adopted her middle name as her legal surname.

As Shauna explained in the interview, it’s about building herself a future in which she feels comfortable in every way, and that starts with the name she wants rather than the name given. for her. While many reality TV shows are seen as fake by viewers, Shauna’s candid explanation of her behavior makes the show all the more real, as she’s always trying to assert herself in a way that’s true. its own, both on and off camera.

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her height

In the show’s original trailer, available on YouTube, Shauna reveals that she’s 3’10”, which is why she’s had the most problems in her life trying to be 20s. other without being asked by people.

This came to the fore when Shauna tried to do age-restricted things like drink at bars and change her body. As Shauna mentioned, her height makes it difficult for her to be treated like an adult, which affects her perception of independence and how she should approach her life as an adult. She looks for new adventures and changes.

her reproductive journey

In an interview with model and body activist Hunter McGrady (via Yahoo!), Shauna was asked about her reproductive journey and how she can be honest about how she wants to be a parent one day. She noted in interviews that she weighed only 50 pounds, that doctors had not advised her to have children, and that her previous treatments may have affected her ability to have children. hers.

Always open and honest, Shauna makes it clear that she’s unsure about becoming a mother, but wants to make the choices for herself, not because of what her body can or can’t do. By being open about her views and struggles, Shauna is helping to remove the stigma against people facing similar fertility challenges or who feel the same way she does. .

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