The Goldbergs Wasted A Chance To Fix A Season 10 Plot Hole

Warning: Revealing the contents of The Goldbergs Season 10, Episode 15.

in spite of gold mine Season 10 will be the show’s finale, and the family sitcom has both wasted a golden opportunity to fix a classic plot hole. The existence of sitcom spinoffs sometimes disrupts the continuity of the original series. conner family Getting to know Jackie’s son again rhododendron treeNiin spite of Young Sheldon Change the personality of Sheldon’s father, George Sr., until he almost resembles the character described in the book. The Big Bang TheoryHowever, some events are too important for the episode to ignore, such as the final fate of the main character.

on this matter, gold mine Season 10 faced a problem. short spin-off gold mine, educationonly lasted two seasons. At the time, however, this ’90s-set sitcom succeeded in establishing that. gold mine The supporting character Barry will finally be reunited with his first love, education The heroine Lenny.this is a big deal gold mine Barry is currently in a strong relationship with another love, Joanne, since season 10. Although Barry and Joanne seem happy, education It is certain that viewers already know that the couple will eventually break up.

Goldbergs season 10 needs to say goodbye to Barry and Joanne

maker gold mine Joanne and Barry needed to break up, and season 10, episode 15 “The Crush” provided the perfect opportunity for this turn, as Barry rented an apartment without consulting Joanne. However, subsequent episodes continue to waste the plot. according to the ending gold mine turns out educationBarry ends up being single and reconnects with his high school sweetheart/ex-fiancée Lenny in the ’90s. In “The Crush,” however, Joanne and Barry seem happier than ever, which is what This makes their eventual, inevitable breakup all the more tragic and unlikely.

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Barry and Joanne have been dating ever since gold mine Season 8, Episode 14, “Love Triangle” implies that their relationship has been going on for a long time. The longer the relationship lasts, the sadder their eventual breakup will be. So it makes perfect sense for the pair to break up in “The Crush,” paving the way for Barry and Lainey’s later reunion. Moving in together is a big step for any couple and would be the perfect catalyst for Barry and Joanne to break up, while Barry leaving his brother Adam’s room will deal with another issue. Goldberg Season 10 plot questions.

Season 10’s missed opportunity was a big mistake

AJ Michalka Lainey Troy Gentile Barry goldbergs

Only about 10 episodes left gold mine In season 10, the show barely mentioned Joanne over the past few weeks. So missing the chance (and a pretty big one) to end Joanne’s relationship with Barry was a big mistake. gold mine Season 10 found another reason to break up, and it’s unlikely that things between them will be as grounded and appropriate as Barry’s decision to move out on his own and thus end his relationship. Worse, gold mine Season 10 will likely end with Barry and Joanne still happily together, vigorously defying the rules of its spin-off.

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