Hulk vs Superman: Who Would Win In An Epic Fight?

Superman and Hulk are two of the strongest in all of the comics and some of the strongest characters in their respective universes. But in the battle between the main versions of Iron Man and the Emerald Giant, who will win? Based on their strength, previous comic book battles, and fighting tendencies, it’s clear that there is a winner between these two superheroes in a hypothetical battle.

In the DC or Marvel comic book universe, there are very few heroes who can stand up to Superman. Kryptonians have few weaknesses – and are only sensitive to kryptonite and magic. At the same time, his superpowers are amazingly powerful. Powered by the Earth’s yellow sun, Superman is so powerful that he once lifted more than 2 billion tons with one hand. He also has some powers that rank him as the superior of heroes. Superman is nearly invulnerable, has heat and X-ray vision, superhuman breath, and is faster than a super bullet. He has also single-handedly moved the planets with his power.

Superman has the upper hand in the fight against Hulk

Hulk, on the other hand, doesn’t have as diverse powers as Superman, but his own strength remains unmatched. The angrier Hulk gets, the more his powers will increase – and there’s no limit to how strong he can be. What really makes Hulk so amazing is that the more hits he gets in a fight, the stronger he becomes. He will only get stronger as the fight goes on. Hulk also holds the entire planet together so it doesn’t break. In addition, it has recently been discovered that it is nearly impossible to keep gamma mutants from dying. However, Hulk doesn’t start at his full power, while Superman does – giving Kal-El an immediate advantage.

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The two have fought in cross comics in the past.exist Amazing green giant compared to superman In the works of Roger Stern, Steve Rood and Al Milgrom, this is strongly influenced by the hero. In that story, Superman used his speed and other abilities to defeat the Hulk, then the two teamed up to fight the common threat Lex Luthor.inside DC and Marvel From Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from two universes battle online with their respective worlds. [him] Go down,” and won by punching Hulk, who was knocked down.

Hulk doesn’t match Superman’s other abilities (besides strength)

Superman vs HulkDC Marvel

While Hulk is the strongest person in the Marvel Universe, Superman is by far the strongest in the DC Universe, aided by all of his other abilities. Bruce Banner will face Kal-El’s speed, flight, heat vision, freezing breath, and general invulnerability far beyond his superhuman strength. While that makes Hulk angrier the angrier he gets, but the Kryptonian breed is too valuable in the fight against the Emerald Giant.

Undoubtedly, Hulk is an almost indestructible force, at the head of nearly all battles with his pure strength. Against Superman, however, he was unsuccessful. While Hulk’s strength is on par with Iron Man’s, Superman’s other abilities give him a significant advantage over his opponents. With his near limitless strength, ability to take the most devastating blows, multiple attacks beyond just punches, his ability to fly and speed, Hulk will struggle to keep up with Superman. Even in several encounters with Superman, the green monster lost. It’s not Hulk’s fault, but Superman is called Superman for a reason. Unless he has a kryptonite or a magic user by his side, Hulk usually falls into the hands of DC heroes – even though he fought hard. Superman wins.

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