How to Get the Alkonost Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Mount Alkonost is an easy creature to ride final fantasy 14 From the wilds of Bozjan, it is like a wonderful combination of peacock, ostrich and antelope. This mount was introduced in patch 6.1, along with a ton of new Clash of Crystals PvP content, quest support updates, etc. Alkonost is a great addition to the list of openable in-game mounts lock up final fantasy 14Its feathers perfectly match its colorful surroundings The Last Pedestriannew areas, such as Thavnair Island.

Unlock Alkonost Mountain final fantasy 14, Warriors of Light must collect a very rare coin called Resplendent Feathers. These feathers are available as a possible reward for completing the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map, a treasure map that requires a party of 8 to be level 90. Of course, level 90 is just a hint for the game. play, as well as a maximum of 3 or 4 skilled players who can efficiently complete the map.

There are two main ways to final fantasy 14. The first method is to collect through level 90 nodes throughout the open world. The best place to plant such buttons is Ultima Thule, which is The Last Pedestrianthe story of s. Here, players can get the map by participating in colorful gathering activities. Unlocking the ancient Kumbhiraskin map can be done by logging into Ahm Nohl, harvesting in Reah Tahra, mining in the Caverns of Flesh, or quarrying in the Vitrified Fort. final fantasy 14 Players can also participate in starfish fishing in the sea of ​​stars to find this map.

Unlock the Alkonost mount in FFXIV

Another way to obtain the Kumbhiraskin Ancient Map is to purchase items from the Market Board. It should be noted that Alkonost mounts can even be purchased from other players. However, this approach can be very expensive, costing Warrior of Light millions of Gil, depending on the server. Still, it’s an option for those rich enough to afford it.

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Once the player has collected a total of three Brilliant Feathers, they can visit Nesvaaz, the merchant Au Ra in Radz-at-Han. His Totem and Sundry Exchange store is located at X:10.6, Y:10.0. Talk to him and select the “Strange Things Out of This World” option. In this directory, final fantasy 14 Fans can use the furs earned to purchase Alkonost mounts and unlock mounts through purchases.

final fantasy 14 Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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