How to find the Claymore in Elden Ring

FromSoft did everything right Elden Ring, which includes carrying fan-favorite weapons from previous Dark Souls games. So if you’re wondering if Claymore is there Elden Ring, you’re lucky! With a little research, you’ll find this famous greatsword at the southernmost point of the Earth in between. Whether you’re a seasoned Souls player or a newcomer to the series, you can always rely on the Claymore as the go-to weapon for most builds.

Those playing a more melee oriented role should have the stats to handle it, even at the beginning. In general, wizards, warlocks, and magic-oriented buildings can still use the Claymore with only a small investment in strength and dexterity. After all, you will eventually run out of FP. Here’s where you can find the Claymore Elden Ringstats needed to wield and some helpful tips and tricks for pairing with other weapons and Ashes of War.

Where to find Claymore in Elden Ring

To find the Claymore inside Elden Ring, you will have to head south, deep into the Weeping Peninsula. From Southern Limgrave, cross the Bridge of Sacrifice and follow the road south until you come across a woman standing alone on the side. He will tell you about Morne Castle and the uprising that displaced it in the meantime. The woman’s father is left to defend the castle, and she will task you with delivering a letter to him. Side missions like this are a great way to find new weapons and explore new locations Elden Ring.

While completing this side quest doesn’t reward you with a Claymore, playing it will grant you a valuable weapon worth pairing with a sword. However, you will run into a Claymore in Morne Castle, so think of this little quest as a “two birds with one stone” situation. Here’s where you can find the Claymore Elden Ring.

Step 1: Head south from the Castle Morne Rampart grace site. This place is a bit off the beaten path, so turn left when you see the castle over the horizon. You will also find a merchant nearby. See image below for exact location.

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Step 2: Continue following the road south. Along this path you will also find a map fragment for the Weeping Peninsula. Ride into the castle and activate the Castle Morne Lift place of grace.

Step 3: Ride the elevator and hug the left side of the courtyard. The mob of enemies on the right is too big to deal with, especially for new players looking to find the Claymore in the Elden Ring. Instead, hug the left wall of the yard and deal with the dogs one by one. Do not climb short stairs. If you have a bow in your inventory, use it to take them out from a distance.

However, the easiest way to kill dogs in Elden Ring is to equip a shield (preferably one that negates 100% physical damage) and let them bounce off it. The dogs stagger backwards, leaving them open to a flurry of attacks. Large Tortoise Shell, Jellyfish Shield, and Brass Shield are all viable options. However, any shield will do the job.

Step 4: After dealing with the dogs, keep hugging the left wall until you find a large pumpkin-looking enemy. You can either sneak around him or engage him. It is up to you. Whichever you choose, keep hugging the left wall and head through the narrow opening ahead. There will be a feathered bird-beast enemy to deal with. However, you can sneak up and stab them in the back.

Step 5: Go up the short staircase and climb the ladder at the end of the path. There is another bird-beast enemy at the top of the ladder, so be careful. If you still have that shield, just pick it up and let them bounce off it.

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From the ladder, walk straight ahead, jump onto the tent, then jump over the wall. Go through the door and turn left. There you will find a treasure chest containing a Claymore.

Claymore attribute requirements and pairings

Once you find the Claymore, you’ll need to level up the correct stats to operate it. Fortunately, this won’t require too many runes. To use Claymore in Elden Ringyou will need:

Claymore comes with the Lion’s Claw skill (“weapon art” for you). Dark souls 3 fans) without any spells. However, you can equip it with a litany of ashes from any place of grace. You might consider the Endure Ashes of War spell if you only play power building. This works exactly like Perseverance in Dark souls 3, briefly increasing your tank balance through incoming attacks. After equipping the desired ash, craft it into a Heavy Claymore to increase power scaling.

As mentioned, Claymore works with all builds (as long as you’ve allocated enough power and dexterity). Those with high intelligence can opt for magic or cold spells, while high faith builders can play with Flame Art spells.

how to find claymore in elden ring banished halberd knight
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Claymore weapon pairings

Remember that side quest we mentioned earlier? Finding the woman’s father puts you in a position to unlock a fantastic weapon to pair with the Claymore and any other wide swing weapon.

Go back to where you jumped the wall. Instead of going straight from the ladder, continue along the wall where the initial bird-beast enemy came from. Deal with a few more flying beast birds until you reach another ladder on the left. Descend to find soldiers and bird-beasts fighting each other. We recommend killing them because the next part will be a little easier.

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Go up the stairs ahead and talk to the knight sitting on top of the tower. He is the leader of Castle Morne and the father of the woman you sought. However, he will say that he must stay to retake the castle.

Instead of leaving, attack him. You should take a few hits before he actually gets up and hits you back. Keep your distance and let him miss before he swings. Watch out for his yellow attack. You’ll notice it glow before it launches. The attack has a wide AOE, so come back a few times to avoid it. Fighting him on the tower makes it difficult to avoid this attack. Instead, lure him down the stairs and fight in a more open area.

After you kill him, you will receive the Banished Knight’s Halberd. This weapon already comes upgraded to +8, and you can equip it with your favorite Ashes of War. We’ve given ours a poison spell, but that’s entirely up to you. The best part is the attribute availability requirement for this halberd. You’ll only need 14 Strength and 12 Dexterity to use it, attributes you already have if you use Claymore.

With a Halberd in your left hand and a Claymore in your right, this duo makes a great stabbing/slashing combo that leaves most enemies reeling.

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