How To Beat The Blindfolded Boy In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

real final boss Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdomblindfolded boy who appears to be defeated by the player in the final story chapter titled “Crouching Dragon roars“As the ultimate barrier to completing the game’s story. As the ultimate challenge to test everything the player has learned, Blindfolded Boy possesses dizzyingly fast physical attacks and intelligence. masters magic, making them extremely dangerous enemies.As a humanoid boss, It is up to have the player ready for various attacks, exploiting their weaknesses to ensure victory. .

From the start, players will notice some similarities between the blindfolded boy and other bosses, such as the embodiment of Demonic Qi, and even the first boss, Zhang Liang. Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom. Players should focus on damaging Blindfolded Boy’s Mental Gauge as much as possible, as letting the boss stagger will result in a great chance to deal significant damage, just like enemies other mentioned. By parrying as many attacks as possible, the player can hurl negative spirits on enemies while also generating positive energy for themselves, a core gameplay mechanic that’s more useful than ever. over in this war.

General strategy against blindfolded boys

The Blindfolded Boy’s greatest strength is their extremely fast attacks, which test how well the player can fend off certain attacks. From the time-shifting summoning sword to bullets and other spells, this boss’s constant fast action puts players under pressure. Unlike the battle with the youkai Lu Bu earlier in the game, the player has a more limited arena to fight this boss. Plant battle flags at the surrounding locations Crouching Dragon: Fall of KingdomThis pre-boss quest area remains the key to success, as building enough morale and Stamina Rank gives players a higher chance of winning.

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Unfortunately, Blindfolded Boy doesn’t seem to have any weakness for any elemental stage specific spells that the player can master. The general skills from the wood and fire stages are versatile enough to give the player extra tools against bosses, but any spell will be equally effective, for better or worse. Defending against the Blindfolded Boy’s physical attacks leaves the player with very little room to cast spells, so in Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom Activation does not take long.

Blindfolded boy’s move list

Crouching Dragon: Falling Kingdom Blocks Blindfolded Teenager's Spin Attack Combo Moves Player's View Screenshot

attack name


How to respond


The Blindfolded Boy will briefly glow red before rushing towards the player for a quick attack.

The player should try to block this attack after the red flash.

dashes and slashes

The boss suddenly rushes towards the player, slashing with his sword.

Although challenging, players should try to stop this move.

demon energy

The Blindfolded Boy again glows red and flies into the air while loading a large red orb, which will be thrown at the player as a projectile, dealing damage on impact.

Dodging this attack is easy for the player, because of the way the blindfolded boy signals. However, using the original mechanism to block the attack Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom Causes the projectile to reflect back to the boss, dealing negative mental damage.

spin attack

Blindfolded boys attack their swords, enveloping them in black and white energy before charging at the player, swinging their weapons several times in rapid succession.

Dodging the side several times or trying to block each attack is the best way to handle this move.

spectrum sword

The boss will levitate, then summon some random ghost blades that fly towards the player as guided projectiles.

Blocking or parrying these swords gives the player a short time to close the gap with the boss as they recover from this attack animation.

hand of strength

The blindfolded boy gave off a red light, reaching out his hand to rush towards the player.

This movement cannot be blocked or blocked. Instead, players need to run or dodge to avoid damage and use crouching dynastyUse ‘s Dragon Cure Pot if desired.

sudden strike

The boss flies upwards, attacking before sending a bolt of lightning that strikes several areas of the arena.

Lightning strike locations are pre-marked with markers on the ground, so players know how to avoid them.


Like a bolt of lightning, the Blindfolded Boy rose into the air before much of the battlefield exploded with sharp rocks that could injure anyone standing in it.

Similar to the previous attack, players may notice that most of the arena will be covered with rocks, giving them time to escape before the earthquake hits.

poison cloud

After accumulating power in the air again, the boss summons more green mists. The clouds in the mist are poisonous and will damage the player or any multiplayer allies Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom If they are in them.

Players need to get out of the fog before the cloud appears, notice how much smaller the arena is because of it.

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Reward for defeating Blindfolded Boy

Crouching Dragon: Divine Beast of the Fallen Dynasty of the Earth Elemental Phase should be summoned in the dragon game

After the blindfolded boy is knocked down and defeated, the player can earn some upgrades as the game’s story ends. However, the most important reward for the player when defeating the final boss is a mythical beast named Yinglong. Beasts are powerful spirits in folklore that serve as the player’s ultimate summons and can be used in the toughest battles, providing powerful benefits.

The mythical beast Yinglong is associated with the elements of Earth, which players typically associate with defensive and restorative attributes, rather than attributes found throughout Battle Banner locations Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom. Yinglong appears in the image of a flying lizard, and the beast box that revives the first skill of the player who died in battle is completely filled, saving them at the last moment of despair. When the player enters Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdomthey can restart the game’s story in New Game+ and, under Yinglong’s leadership, use stronger gear to counter the challenging enemies in the game.

  • Poster of the Crouching Dragon Dynasty Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom

    Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Steam

    Release time: 2023-03-03

    Developer: Team Ninja

    Publisher: Koei Tecmo

    Genre: Action RPG, Hack and Slash, Souls-like

    Multiplayer: Online Co-op

    Engine: Exclusive Ninja Team Engine

    ESRB: Male

    Description: Crouching Dragon: Fallen Kingdom is an action game like the new Soul of Team Ninja, the developers of Ninja Gaiden and Nioh. Set in the post-Han Three Kingdoms period, players will form their own army and fight in a great war in an effort to survive and repel the Yellow Turban rebellion. Inspired by ancient Chinese mythology and history, players will learn to master a variety of weapons and spells, while facing legendary soldiers and powerful and fearsome beasts. in their duties. To balance the difficulty, players can choose to face enemies of the same level for a more cautious lane, or face stronger enemies for greater rewards.

    Mode: single player, multiplayer

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