How to Add an Admin to A Facebook Page? Here Are Some Easy Ways

Being the most used social media platform globally can be a difficult title to maintain. Facebook is still going strong with more than 2 billion monthly active users, making it difficult for other social media platforms to reach the top.

It continues to bring more cool features (like Disappearing Mode on Facebook Messenger) and maintains a decent level of engagement. There are many users who rely on Facebook for business, brand promotion and marketing through the Facebook page. Furthermore, there are different roles on it, such as Facebook page admin, which work differently.

So, if you are wondering how to add an admin to a Facebook page, we will explain the different methods in the article. Now jump in and get ready to ride!


  • What does admin mean on a Facebook page?
  • Steps to add admin to Facebook page?
    • in the browser
    • on the app
  • How to remove the admin of a Facebook page?
  • Manage your Facebook community
  • Frequently asked questions

What does admin mean on a Facebook page?

Nowadays, having a Facebook page has become important because whether you have your own brand or online business in general and want it to grow, it can be done. If you want a location where you can see every change that happens on the page and have full control and access, that’s where the Facebook page admin role comes in.

Let us tell you the real thing for those who may not know exactly what a Facebook admin is or how to add an admin to a Facebook page. When you create a Facebook page, by default you become the admin of the page. And that gives you control over everything on it. You are also given various permissions to add buttons, create ads and posts, reply to comments, delete posts, ban people, post from Instagram to Facebook, and assign roles to pages.

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Besides Admin, there are several other roles that you can choose from Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst.

Note: According to Facebook, the owner of the page could not grant access to the page to the gray account. Even if they want to give access to the page to someone with a gray account, they should access the page through their personal Facebook account or create a new one. And this way I can give one account access to my Facebook page.

Now that you know who a Facebook Page admin is and the admin commands, let’s see how to add an admin to a Facebook Page.

Steps to add admin to Facebook page?

Before we go through the steps, let us remind you to be careful when appointing anyone as an admin for your Facebook page or any page as this will make them eligible for all access rights. full access. You need to be absolutely sure about it and then proceed with the methods below.

in the browser

For those using Facebook on the web or browser version, here are the steps to add an admin to a Facebook page using the web version:

  • Go to Facebook settings.

Go to Facebook settings

  • Then, in the left column, tap Page Roles.

Tap on Page Roles

  • You should now see the option “Specify a new site role”.

Assign a new site role

  • Then find the personal account you want to set up as an administrator. Enter their username or email, then tap Add.

Enter a name and press Add

  • After clicking Add, a list of options will appear, select Administrator.

Select Administrator

  • You will now be asked to enter your password.
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Enter your password and press Confirm

on the app

Note: If you are an Android user, the Menu icon will appear in the upper right part of the screen, while for iPhone you can find the option in the lower right part of the screen.

The steps for assigning a new Facebook Page admin in the Facebook app or mobile are the same as in the browser. Except the panel and layout are a bit different. Follow the given steps to add an admin to a Facebook page.

  • Open Facebook and click on the hamburger icon.

Click the Menu button

  • Now go to Settings.


  • Select Site Roles.

Click Page Roles

  • Then click Add people to the page.

Click Add people to page

Note that you must enter the password between processes whenever prompted.

Note: There’s a bug that you need to look out for; if you change your role from admin to another role you cannot change back to admin.

Using the steps above to add an admin to a Facebook page, you can add an admin to your Facebook page through your web browser or through the mobile app. If you want to know how the site admin can be removed, the steps are discussed in the next section below.

How to remove the admin of a Facebook page?

If you think you’ve assigned the Facebook Page admin role to the wrong person, you can also remove them. The steps for the procedure are listed below:

  • Open Facebook page settings and tap Page Roles.

Tap on Page Roles

  • Now tap on Edit and you can edit the roles.
  • Then go to the person whose role you want to edit/delete and click Edit next to their name.
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Click Edit

  • Once you tap that, select Remove and they will now be stripped of their permissions as Facebook page admins.

By following the steps above, you will be able to remove the Facebook page admin. To read about how you can manage and grow your Facebook community, read the next section.

Manage your Facebook community

As we discussed in the article, a Facebook page helps you improve your business or brand, increase engagement, and encourage engagement.

By creating ads and allowing anonymous posting, you open up new opportunities, and you can also take a close look at things by analyzing them with your team.

Frequently asked questions

How many admins are allowed on a Facebook page?

A: There is no fixed or set limit for admins or admins on Facebook pages. Admins can be easily added via:

Edit page

What do you need to know to become a Facebook page admin?

A: To become a Facebook page admin, you should keep your interactions with people positive and know how to create ads to improve and increase engagement on the page.

What is the biggest role you can get for a Facebook page?

A: Since the Facebook page admin has full access and control over the page, he has the highest role.

Is it possible to have the same admin for two different Facebook pages?

A: Yes, if the admin has a personal Facebook account and was added as a friend to the original Facebook page admin, there should be no problem. The original admin can also have a new admin email address for their account.

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