“Kitchen Commando” Is Set To Release On Tubi

The next unscripted food series from Kitchen Commando, Studio Ramsay Global and Fox Alternative Entertainment will be presented by US Army Sergeant and White House Chef Andre Rush. In the episode, the chef will visit several restaurants and help them get in shape.

According to a Fox press release:

KITCHEN COMMANDO, from award-winning chef, restaurateur and host Gordon Ramsay and FOX Alternative Entertainment – the creators of the hit “Next Level Chef” – will meet former US Army Sergeant and Mr. White House chef, Chef Andre Rush, faces a new mission to rescue failing restaurants and rekindle their passion for the service industry.

Season 1 of Kitchen Commando will premiere on Tubi during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12.

Everything you need to know about Kitchen Commando before the season premieres.

Chef Andre Rush will visit several restaurants in Washington, DC to help them remodel for the better in the latest culinary show. In the new series, the White House chef will be looking for restaurateurs who need discipline and can benefit from his creative abilities to turn their business around.

The show will consist of 10 episodes, in which the chef will visit a restaurant in just 48 hours. The Kitchen Commando team will visit a crab-themed restaurant that previously went viral on the Internet during the season opener. In the Kitchen Commando trailer, Gordon Ramsay describes chef Andre Rush as a personal friend, an outstanding chef who served in the US Army. He went on to say that he can assure viewers that “you can’t go much higher than that” in terms of standards.

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He declared:

“He also has the most massive hands I’ve ever seen in the culinary industry.”

Kitchen Commando claims to have “seen some action” in Iraq and served under four presidents. He’s ready to embark on his “toughest mission yet” in his new program, rescuing failing companies across America. In the trailer, he says that “boot camp” is about to start. Chef Andre Rush is shown doing push-ups for diners, as well as giving them some hardcore love and inspiration when needed. Gordon Ramsay said in a press release that he was able to spend time with Chef Rush and that his passion for the culinary business and his story have inspired every chef.

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Meet Andre Rush, the chef.

The celebrity chef and White House veteran is a former sergeant in the United States Army. He is a member of the American Culinary Arts Team, where he has won 150 medals and awards. “Toughest Chef” joined the Reserves and eventually enlisted in July 1993, serving at Fort Stewart, 503rd Infantry in Casey, South Korea, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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Three years later, in 1999, he became chief of the general staff and deputy chief of the general staff of eight generals and four army chiefs. Rush holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from TUI, an Associate’s degree from Culinary Stafford University and a Certificate in Hospitality Management from Central Texas. He will now appear on Kitchen Commando, which will air on Tubi during Super Bowl LVII at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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