Harry Potter: Each Main Character’s First & Last Line In The Movie Franchise

Eight movies over ten years, and fans witnessed the evolution of Harry Potter and his friends from adorable little witches to incredible magical warriors ready to take down the darkest wizard ever. Characters grew, changed, and even died in some heartbreaking cases. In the final flashbacks, they revealed what happened years later with their children at Hogwarts age. However, only the most dedicated viewers will remember the first and last words uttered by these protagonists in the film. In many cases, these words don’t match their first or last lines in the book. Some of these tweaks made by WB may surprise book fans, but they all shed light on the characters’ journeys in the film.

Fred and George Weasley

“He’s not Fred, it’s me! Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother.” – “How are you, Freddie?” Correct. “Me too.” Fred and George Weasley may technically be two characters, but it’s nearly impossible to consider them separately.

Their first and last lines work together as these two talented young men stick together… until they can’t. Their first words were when Harry found the Weasleys on the platform and Fred and George were mocking their mother. It’s a perfect setup for pranksters, but their last line shows just how far they’ve come. It’s quieter and more formal, yet still conveys how much they mean to each other as they try to reassure each other before the Battle of Hogwarts.

Professor McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall holding a wand in Harry Potter

Hello, Professor Dumbledore. Is the rumor true, Albus? I’ve always wanted to use that spell.

While Professor McGonagall has many incredible lines throughout the series, her first line in this scene is a bit underwhelming. She appears after Dumbledore leaves Harry with the Dursleys and asks about the “rumors” regarding Voldemort’s defeat and the death of the Potters. However, her final line is one of her most memorable in the entire series. In a moment of levity during an otherwise somber scene, she giggles that she’s always wanted to cast a spell to protect the Guardians of Hogwarts. It’s a gentle moment that adds some much-needed humor to the story.

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Neville Longbottom

Matthew Lewis

Trevor! – Harry’s heart beats for all of us, and it’s not over yet! Neville’s first words are a bit disappointing as he rushes forward to grab his wayward toad when the students first arrive at Hogwarts. It makes him appear like a silly joke, which is not entirely false. However, Neville’s final line is one of the most powerful in the movie, highlighting how far he has come. He went from being a nervous boy who lost his toad to a young man who stood up against Voldemort and rallied his army when all hope seemed lost.


Hagrid smiled and looked away

Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, sir. -Harry…

For such a prominent character, Hagrid’s first and last lines are surprisingly brief. The first time we see him is when he brings baby Harry to the Dursleys’ home and he simply greets Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Similarly, his final line is just one word as he spots Harry. Both instances showcase how Hagrid is defined by the people around him, which is fitting for a loyal half-giant.


Dumbledore fell from the Astronomy Tower in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

“I should have known you would be here, Professor McGonagall.” Harry said. “Of course, it happens in your head, but why does that mean it’s not real?” Fans may be surprised to recall that Dumbledore’s final line is in the last film, even though he died earlier. However, when Harry sacrificed himself, he met “Dumbledore” in a temporary afterlife, and the two discussed what had happened. In fact, his last sentence is one of the most quoted. His first appearance was less memorable but still fit perfectly for the role as he seemed to understand what was going on without anyone telling him.

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Professor Quirrell merges with Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

“Use the boys.” – I killed Snape! For such an important character, Voldemort’s first and last lines are surprisingly short. He first appears on the back of Quirrell’s neck, instructing him to use Harry to figure out how to obtain the stone. It was a terrifying, eerie, and unforgettable moment for Harry. His final words were those of frustration as he struggled to comprehend why the Elder Wand still wouldn’t acknowledge him as its rightful owner.

Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy looking straight ahead of the House at Harry Potter's request

“It’s true, what they say about the train to Hogwarts and Harry Potter. It’s powerful, but it doesn’t quite capture what I mean.

Do you understand my thoughts? Throughout the series, Draco undergoes significant personality development. He loses his certainty of himself and struggles as he repeatedly fights against Harry. When he first meets Harry upon arriving at Hogwarts, he attempts to dominate him and gain his approval.

Unfortunately, his last few sentences before attacking Harry in the Room of Requirement don’t reflect how far he has come. However, his final moments at Hogwarts – when a grown-up Draco nods quietly to Harry from the podium – reveal just how much he has changed.”

ron weasley


“I’m just saying, the Elder Wand is the strongest wand in the world. With it, we will be invincible. And I’m sorry, do you mind? Everywhere else is taken,” said one of the characters.

Throughout the Harry Potter franchise, Ron has some incredible moments, but neither his first nor his last lines necessarily count. In the first instance, he simply sat with Harry because he couldn’t find another seat, and the two had no idea how close they would become. However, it does show that Ron was always friendly and never too interested in getting to know Harry based on his reputation (perhaps due to his generosity towards sharing a Chocolate Frog…). His last words were addressed to Harry as he decided what to do with the Elder Wand.

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Hermione Granger


Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost one. In Hermione’s opening scene, she is portrayed as an unbearable know-it-all – on purpose, of course! However, her first words were an attempt to help. Despite her dislike for Neville due to him losing his toad, she still endeavors to find it. This is what Hermione thinks of as being there to help. Although she knows better, she still tries to assist. However, in the end, her last line sees her taking control – a significant change in her personality – as she and Ron ask Harry what he plans to do with the Elder Wand. She corrects Ron by saying “What Do We Do,” knowing that it was entirely Harry’s decision.

Harry Potter

“Yes, Aunt Petunia.” – Prepared? For a central character of the series, it is surprising that Harry’s first and last lines are not particularly remarkable. His first sentence, in which he obeys Aunt Petunia, certainly establishes his place in the family, and his abandonment of life makes sense from a narrative standpoint. But looking back, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about the line itself. However, his final moments have a stronger impact as he reassures his son on his first day at Hogwarts. The whole speech becomes more meaningful when he reveals to the audience that his son’s name is “Albus Severus” and reminds him that it does not matter which house he is in because it all depends on who he is. Nonetheless, the final official line is just a prologue to a much larger speech and pales in comparison.

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