Star Wars Theory Reveals The Bad Batch Is Secretly Rey’s Origin Story

warn! This article contains spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3.


  • The Bad Batch Season 3 may hold the key to Rey’s backstory, tying it into Palpatine’s cloning experiments.
  • With Omega on the run, the Empire’s failed cloning led to the existence of Rey’s father and the fate of the galaxy.
  • The events of The Bad Batch played a crucial role in Rey’s creation and Palpatine’s ultimate demise.

a new and shocking Star Wars The theory is established Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 could be the key to Rey’s backstory. While the animated series shows viewers the dark reign of the Empire, it’s especially getting a lot of attention on social media due to its seemingly important connection to the sequel trilogy. especially, bad batch Season 3 seems to be heading towards Star Wars: The rise of skywalker The Necromancer Project, in which Palpatine is resurrected at the hands of Darth Vader. Return of the Jedi.

The rise of skywalker Changed the audience’s view of the entire event Star Wars The timeline, the new lore surrounding the Sith and the Emperor reshapes a lot of things. A central element added is that Rey is actually Palpatine’s biological granddaughter. Rey’s father, Darson, was a clone of Palpatine, making her the heir to his Sith legacy.Therefore, as bad batch Continuing to explore the Empire’s cloning efforts, it looks like events from the animated series are woven directly into Rey’s complex backstory.

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‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3 Is Preparing for Palpatine’s Cloning Experiment

As revealed in episodes one and three bad batch In Season 3, it appears that the true purpose of the Imperial facility on Mount Tantis is to create Force-sensitive clones. According to Palpatine, such cloning was vital to the future and continuation of the Empire. There has been an emphasis on clones and donors’ M-counts, which refers to midi-chlorians, microorganisms that indicate a person’s potential level of power in the Force. Episode “The Shadow of Thantis” The results showed that Omega blood tested positive, meaning it could be mixed with high M count blood without degrading.

Star Wars now explains why the Empire created Palpatine clones without the Force

Rey's Father Customized Image Darthon Palpatine Star Wars Custom image provided by Kevin Erdmann

This would be perfect for creating a clone of Palpatine into which he could transfer his soul after his possible death. However, since Omega and Crosshair bravely escaped Thantis, it is unlikely that the Empire obtained more of her genetic material to create this clone. This means the Empire will have to keep trying to create a Force-sensitive clone, and of course, it will keep failing.

The Empire still failed to successfully create a Force-sensitive clone of Palpatine using Omega’s blood.

This failure is very important for the whole Star Wars timeline, in which one of the losers later escapes, lives alone, falls in love, and gives birth to a daughter. Rey’s father, Darson, was treated poorly and fled Palpatine because he was insensitive to the Force.This means that even if Dr. Hemlock bad batch In Season 3, the Empire still failed to successfully create a Force-sensitive clone of Palpatine using Omega’s blood.

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Daisy Ridley stars as Rey Skywalker in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Rey Skywalker

Alliance Jedi

race human

Palpatine (technical grandfather), Dathan (father), Miramir (mother)

Palpatine’s powerless clone will become Rey’s father

Palpatine in

This means that the Emperor’s cloning efforts, challenged by Clone Force 99, are actually central to Rey’s backstory, and thereby determine the ultimate fate of the galaxy. The Bad Batch saves Omega, but botches Thantis’s efforts, bringing the operation to a standstill. This means the Empire must continue to face more challenges, leading to the creation of Dathan.

Due to the Empire’s failure to lose Omega, Dathan became desensitized to the Force. As a result, Daxon was ignored by Palpatine, causing him to escape – leading to Rey’s birth, and later Palpatine’s ultimate destruction. The rise of skywalker.Therefore, all of the core backstory leading up to Rey’s birth will be set in motion due to Rey’s actions bad batchand their rescue of Omega.

The bad batch episode number

episode title

air date


“Is limited”

February 21, 2024


“Unknown Parts”

February 21, 2024


“The Shadow of Thantis”

February 21, 2024


“Different methods”

February 28, 2024



March 6, 2024



March 13, 2024



March 13, 2024


“Bad Territory”

March 20, 2024



March 27, 2024


“Identity Crisis”

April 3, 2024


“Point of No Return”

April 3, 2024



April 10, 2024


“Entering the Breach”

April 17, 2024



April 24, 2024


“The cavalry has arrived”

May 1, 2024

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episodes 1-4 are now available on Disney+. Future episodes will be released on Wednesdays at 12:00 AM PT, 3:00 AM ET and 8:00 AM GMT.

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