George Of The Jungle Gave Brendan Fraser Unexpected Parental Complaints

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  • George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser recalls receiving unexpected complaints from parents whose children started bumping into trees.

    George of the jungle Star Brendan Fraser said he received a lot of unexpected complaints from parents after the Disney live-action hit movie was released. Fraser stars in the film as George, a young man raised in the woods who is used to swinging on vines. Released in 1997, Disney’s family comedy was ultimately a box office success to mixed reception.

    in an interview hollywood reporter in them talk about awards podcast, Frazier revealed that he received a lot George of the jungleespecially parents whose children are starting to behave like his personality. Long before fraser became famous Mummies, as if he inadvertently inspired children to want to smash trees like George. Check out what Fraser had to say below:

    There was a time when my parents stopped me going, “Oh my, I loved your performance in George of the Jungle, it was a really good movie. I’ve got a problem with you, you’ve got eight stitches. .” , George hit a rubber tree!

    Why George of the Jungle is still Fraser’s favorite movie

    George of the jungle

    The fact that so many children hurt themselves just to be more like Fraser’s George shows just how common it is. George of the jungle Be consistent with its target demographic at the time. Although the film wasn’t as critically acclaimed as some of Fraser’s other works, the film maintains a humorous and cheerful tone throughout. Dive into its premise with some goofy presentations and keep it an interesting rescue mission story about a gorilla, George of the jungle Fun and engaging for kids.

    initial success George of the jungle created a live video sequel, George Forest 2In the second film, Christopher Showerman replaces Fraser as George, who is currently balancing his time as king of the jungle and raising his son, George Jr. whalenow the door is open for him to return to some of the franchises he has led, including George of the jungle.

    if other George of the jungle The sequel will collaborate with Frazier, the movie can replace George Forest 2 The franchise is a direct sequel to the original. The time gap could also lead to Fraser’s George becoming someone else’s mentor, perhaps a young George re-imagined as an adult. However, it will be interesting to look at modern things George of the jungle The sequel seemed like the best way for Fraser to inspire kids’ memories with the original.

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