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Fap CEO is a game for business owners. The feature here is that your employees are all women and they are extremely attractive. In a way, you will be the most successful. You’ll be surrounded by people almost indistinguishable from a cast of supermodels. From appearance, body shape to the way you dress can sometimes make you overwhelmed. Fap CEO makes you a special character, only your gender is different from others. Is it an environment where you can focus on your work without making mistakes? Start playing the way you want right now.

In the role of a leader, players will hire employees for the company, making profits for them. Working in video chat entertainment, good looking girls will make you a lot of money. Work in an environment that challenges your mastery. Fap CEO gives players the opportunity to find true love in the company. Does this make you attractive? GameDVA.com thinks no one says no to romance, and you probably don’t either.

Download Fap CEO mod – own a company with many pretty girls

Like many career development sims, the player starts as an employee and grows their company. A modest income provides you with financial savings experience, giving you resources to invest in the future. After you have idle money, you continue to recruit new employees and expand the scale of operations. CEO Fap’s dizzying earnings growth will amaze you. The best way to keep your company growing is to have a plan. Also, don’t forget to find a girl that matches your interests. Success is not complete if you live a single life forever. Trade outcomes are only part of the game in this game. Important is the only man who is satisfied with many pleasurable sensations.

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Fap Mod CEO


Having said that, it is impossible for one player to get rich from a few employees. No one wants to be the little boss forever. So don’t be too conservative with your income. Please continue to recruit and receive applications for suitable positions. Fap CEO allows you to get more out of every investment. Here you can invest your money in people. Build an entertainment platform to compete with the best characters. Learn more about potential supermodels with new earning potential. For everyone to have the best working environment and income.

To build a relationship

Once you have so many employees, you won’t be able to hold back your emotions anymore. As a leader, it is in your nature to be able to talk to your subordinates. Try emailing and texting, then chat or treat her to dinner in the evening. Of course, the possibility of failure still exists, but you also have a chance if the conditions are right. Fap CEO offers you attractive game modes. Working with many beautiful and dynamic female employees. So feel lucky, no boss is as lucky as you.

Fap CEO mod version

Credits are not available after installing the game. Players need to sell the company first. In the next company, you select the blue up arrow icon and use the gem skill again to get more gems.

How to install Fap CEO mod

  1. Install Fap CEO Launcher.
  2. Install Fap CEO.
  3. Open Fap CEO Launcher and select Play to experience the game.

Fap CEO mod apk

As a company owner, you have a clear growth direction. Make sure the pretty girl has a stable job. You will be the biggest beneficiary, of course, I’m not talking about money. The outside is a new form of technology business, but inside there are many points that make players irresistible. Download the Fap CEO mod and bring your business to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

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Download Fap CEO MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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