Genshin Impact: How to Find (& Defeat) Mirror Maidens

Among all the newly released enemies Genshin Shock In 2.0, the girl in the mirror is one of the most exciting battles. Also known as the Fatui Mirror Maiden, these elite enemies are new to the game and drop exclusive materials when defeated.

Mirror Maidens can only be found in Inazuma and use the Hydro Delusion to control the Hydro Mirror in battle. Here’s how to find them, their abilities, and how to defeat them.

the girl in the mirror is easy to spot Genshin Shock. They appear to be tall women dressed in blue and surrounded by mirrors, setting them apart from any other enemies in the game. Distributed in the central and northern areas of Narugami Island, the northern part of Yatsushiro Island, and the central Kannazuka area.

How to fight Mirror Girl in Genshin Impact

With her Hydro Delusion ability, Mirror Maidens Genshin Shock Use water and electricity to fight. They have the ability to teleport through their Hydro Mirror. Here are all the Mirror Maiden abilities and what they do:

  • Water Wheel: Summons three streams of water to form mirror shards on the ground. These shards spin rapidly with the water, causing hydroelectric damage explosions.
  • Hydro Bullets: Fires up to three Hydro Bullets at the player, dealing Hydro damage.
  • Ripple Rain: Shoots water into the air and falls into three rays, dealing hydraulic damage.
  • Glass Cage: Summons small mirror shards around the player, trapping the player and dealing low damage underwater.
  • Laser Zone: Summons three water electron bombs that surround the girl in the mirror room and the player. The mirror appears to reflect a laser that deals AoE hydro damage, followed by a second wave of hydro damage.
  • Mirror Portal: Summons a mirror that closes behind the Mirror Maiden, teleporting her somewhere in the area.
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Many of Fatui Mirror Maiden’s attacks apply a state of refraction. This effect is represented by four small mirror pieces on the character. When the player is affected by this, Mirror Maiden can go into a polarized state, allowing her to use most of her abilities. Mirror Maiden can only use Mirror Gate, Water Wheel, and Hydraulic Bullets when she is not Polarized.

Genshin Impact Mirror Girl

As enemies of Hydro, the characters Pyro and Cryo are best suited to fight the Mirror Maiden. The character Cryo keeps Maiden frozen, preventing her from attacking. The character Pyro deals maximum damage and can use vaporization to deal additional damage.

The Refraction debuff can also be removed by Pyro or Windmale characters. Anemo characters with good mobility like Kazuha or Venti are also good at dodging Mirror Maiden’s attacks and avoiding Glass Cage.

In addition to the different sets of 3- and 4-star artifacts, the Maiden of the Mirror Room also drops a Prism. Dark Prism, Crystal Prism, and Polarizing Prism are Mirror Maiden-specific items that can be used as weapon upgrade materials. These Prisms are needed to upgrade some of Inazuma’s best new weapons (Hakushin Ring, Hamayumi and Thundering Pulse). Therefore, players who want to build their character with these weapons should make sure they always have their Mirror Maiden on hand.

Genshin Shock Now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and mobile.

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