Genshin Impact: Best Faruzan Character Builds – Artifacts, Weapons, & Constellations

Genshin Shock Patch 3.3 introduced the mysterious mechanic Faruzan into the game, introducing another powerful Anemo support character to the playable roster. Faruzan’s elemental skills harness the power of technical and geometric polyhedra, capable of damaging Anemo in an area and powering up her next attack. For her Elemental Burst, she casts a dazzling aspect that damages Anemo while also reducing enemy Anemo’s resistance and increasing Anemo’s damage to the party.

According to Game8, Faruzan’s best role is as a support character, using her powerful summoner and debuff spells to massively increase damage to the party while constantly lowering her resistances. Anemo of the enemy. Alternatively, the player can focus on using her abilities to create a spin response and high levels of AoE damage. Both builds are suitable for all players, especially those with strong Anemo main DPS like Genshin Shock 3.3 wandering characters.

Genshin Impact: Faruzan’s Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Constellations

When leveling up talent, for both builds, Faruzan should prioritize her Elemental Burst, as it increases her Anemo buff ratio, resulting in a massive damage boost. backside, Genshin Shock Players can choose to upgrade her elemental skills or her regular attacks, as both will increase her damage and assist equally, though players prefer to use the build method. building her vortex might want to start with her elemental skills. Due to her role as a support, Layla should usually be used off the field, although her boosted attack can force her to stay on the field longer than intended. This will make any level of her normal attack worthwhile.

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The best weapon to build Faruzan’s buff support is Skyward Harp, one of the best bows in the world Genshin Shock. This bow increases the chance of critical hit and damage, and also gives the chance for attacks to deal AoE damage, which is proportional to the huge amount of AoE she already has. For builds that focus on Elemental Reactions, Dirge of the End will greatly increase her Elemental Mastery and Recharge. This will allow for stronger, more frequent Whirlpool activations, making Faruzan a strong prospect for any Whirlpool team.

Switch to Faruzan’s Artifacts, players will want to build The Genshin effect Place Noblesse Oblige to build buff support for Faruzan. This will allow her Elemental Burst to greatly increase damage to the team. For her vortex form, the Venerer Viridescent artifact breaks enemy resistance and boosts her power. The Genshin effect Vortex response. Ultimately, any player looking for specific stats should prioritize Mana Recharge, Anemo Damage, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage. These stats, while fairly standard, allow Faruzan to deal massive amounts of damage with or without the Maelstrom Reaction setting, adding some much-needed combat versatility to the character.

Faruzan also works well without any Constellations, though her C6 allows her to crit damage to her team, which will fully unlock her assist. This constellation also opens up some freedom in her build, allowing Faruzan more flexibility with artifact sets and stat distributions. Overall, any player looking for a strong Anemo support character should consider adding her to their party. With massive summoner spells for allies and debuffs for enemies, Faruzan will feel at home everywhere. Genshin Shock The team has many Anemo characters.

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Source: Game8, Genshin Impact/YouTube

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