FFXIV: How Does Shadowbringers’ Savage Loot Work?

Shadowbringers patch 5.05 brings the expansion’s first devastating battle with Eden Raid. For some, this may be their first time seeing the Savage Loot system (if you’re new to Savage Raids, check out this guide for how to prepare). For others, they may be familiar with what expansion packs have done in the past and wonder what has changed this time around. The big difference with Shadowbringers is that most loot drops are vaults rather than individual pieces of equipment.

Some may worry about this change, because it means everyone in the group can vote “need” on everything. Almost every loot is played with 7 people (you have a 1/8 chance of winning). In previous expansions, however, your level gear was not guaranteed to drop permanently (for armor you have a 1/7 chance of seeing class gear, and then you have can still Have to compete with someone on the list to get 1/14). Vault now means you’ll always have access to the right device. I think it’s an improvement over the barbaric loot system in general.

Eligible loot

Once a week, you’ll have a chance to scroll through each floor to find loot. It’s important to note that this is different from the regular version, where you get one loot for each level (for example, you can rerun them until you get one). Savagely speaking, if you don’t win any loot reels, you won’t get any loot that week. On the other hand, if you are very lucky, you can win many loot from a battle.

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Remember that when you complete each battle for the first time each week, you’ll receive an Apocrypha (or “Book”) that is guaranteed to drop directly into your inventory (as long as you have space in it). These books can be saved and traded with Yhal Yal in Eulmore (10.1, 11.5) for the same device dropped from the Edengrace vault. This token system is used to ensure that you will eventually secure your loot even if you have a long list of bad loot reels.

In addition, there will be a penalty for the amount of loot dropped from a battle if anyone on the team has completed the battle that week. Normally, two chests will drop, but if 1-4 party members have completed the level, there will only be one chest instead of two. If 5 or more party members have completed the level, there won’t be any chests, but you’ll still get your weekly book.

Finally, you must complete the battle to get all the loot (or loot chance) each week. For example, if you enter E2S without passing E1S that week, you will immediately lose any loot opportunities for that week’s E1S. It doesn’t matter if the E2S cleanup fails or not. Just entering the version is enough to ignore the loot from the previous floor. This includes books placed directly into your inventory.

Which floor of barbarism drops which loot?

Gate of Eden: Resurrection (wildling) drops 3 belts/earrings/necklaces/bracelets/rings (repeatable).

Eden’s Gate: Descent (Savage) drops 2 head/arm/leg gear coffees (can be duplicated), 1 Deepshadow Overlay (tomestone accessory upgrade), 1 Light Tomestone (weapon token) tomestone).

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Eden’s Gate: Inundation (Savage) drops 1 head/arm/leg equipment coffee, 1 foot gear box, 1 Deepshadow Twine (upgrade equipment left tomestone), 1 Deepshadow Solvent (tomestone weapon upgrade).

Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage) drops 1 weapon box, 1 chest armor box, 1 random Edengrace weapon, Eden Minor minion, and Skyslipper mount.

Good luck party seekers! What do you think of the brutal new loot system? Are you happy with the new gear boxes or do you want Shadowbringers to keep the old loot drop mechanics?

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