Genius Severance Theory Explains What The Numbers Mean

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE contains SPOILERS Severance pay.The number inside is still a mystery Severance pay It makes sense, but there’s a genius theory that gives a convincing answer. Severance pay Follow Mark Scout (Adam Scott) and the members of the macro data optimization department at major Lumon. Everyone who works at Refine Macrodata goes through a controversial process called Quitting, An individual’s memory is surgically divided into work life and personal life, theoretically creating an optimal work-life balance. Retired employees have “innocent” Self-Office and “go out” The self is the home, and the outer self holds the memories of life. The show doesn’t reveal much about what Lumon Industries is actually doing, other than passing legislation that nationalizes the severance process.

Only the parts in Lumon’s basement had their power cut off, ensuring that employees working in those departments didn’t remember information about what they did outside of work. However, even inside, they are not told what they do. Even though no one Severance pay Knowing what Lumon does, Mark tells his friends in Episode 1, “Good news about hell,,” He is”Company archive. ” Knowing how Lumon manipulates his employees, the interpretation of the company’s records is not an indisputable fact, especially since Mark’s insiders don’t know Lumon’s secret either. As such, it’s unclear exactly what Mark did, or what these numbers mean. These numbers were never explained, even until Severance pay Season 1 is over.

a theory [via Reddit] Instead of storing data, Refine Macrodata should do machine learning with numbers. Machine learning is the process of providing a computer with various data and stimuli to improve the experience of using a computer. Over time, machine learning allows the computer to use more of the input it receives to produce better outputs. For example, Apple’s Siri will gradually improve with more exposure to the user’s voice. Machine learning theory suggests that the data Lumon is really interested in is not the numbers themselves, but how employees categorize them. What makes this theory even more interesting is that it actually fits with how the memories of the Lumon employees fragmented after they went down to the basement to work. If work depends on how Macrodata classifies numbers, then Lumon can prevent employee input from being corrupted by non-work-related memory.

What is known about the number of Severance

The meaning behind the numbers is completely unknown Severance pay’protagonist. They were able to spot numbers without knowing the correlations between the numbers in advance, but they still managed to solve the mystery by coming up with theories about what sort of numbers was achieving. Arguing that their coats must go through Lumon’s Apocalyptic severance proceedings, Dylan (Zach Cherry) to Hayley (Britt Lore) Severance pay Episode 2, “Half Loop”, the group of numbers may be preparing for humans to live in the sea. Meanwhile, Dylan says Irv (John Turturro) thinks they “Remove swear words from the movie” Sort by number.

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Despite their best assumptions, all employees know they have to sort the numbers by gut feeling. indeed, Severance payGrouping the numbers by indicating is all the work to be done, enlivens the nightmare scenario of dull, meaningless work routines. Mark tells Helly in episode 2 that some of the numbers look “scary,” And this trigger of fear is unique to each worker. However, Episode 3, “In Perpetuity”, reveals that sometimes numbers can actually evoke a feeling of comfort. The worker identifies the appropriate numbers in a matrix fashion and drags them into boxes labeled “01, 02, 03,” and so on until”05,” There is a progress bar below. Employees have quotas to meet these numbers. Their rewards for meeting quotas include quarterly waffle parties and finger traps.

What are the four dispositions?

The statue of Keir Egan from Wings of Eternity, Severance episode 3 "Eternity"

Lumon has a Perpetuity Wing museum, a museum honoring the CEO and the company’s mission, including an exact replica of the home of Lumon Industries founder Kier Eagan and a gallery of paintings happy smiling photos of the products that the company provides to the public. Through recordings from Kier Eagan figurines, four”impatient“referred as”sadness, joy, fear [and] toxic“Egan Construction”Each person’s personality is determined by exact proportions“Hot flashes”live in youControlling these temper tantrums is central to Egan’s philosophy.

Lumon appreciates the personality and work ethic of its employees. One such example is how its basement divisions appear to be grouped by employee virtues – what those virtues are is still controversial. For example, Dylan said “Macro data is smart and real,” And Optics & Design (another Lumon division) is more “Cruel-Centric” His colleagues immediately asked questions. The four temperaments seem to be a more general way of classifying people. While it’s normal for companies to have specific values ​​and mission statements, Lumon’s four temperaments go beyond that idea. In fact, their number can be a clue to the importance of the four temperaments.

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Is the severance number four tantrums?

Four signs of temper in computer screenshot, Severance episode 1 "Good News From Hell".

Looking closely at Mark’s computer screen in Episode 1, a form pops up from the folder where he entered the number, showing four categories in the progress bar:”WO, FC, DR, MA. ” They seem to represent four states: WO is Miserable, FC is playful, etc. Based on machine learning theory, it is possible that these numbers are somehow encoded into the four states of the data. Once sorted, the data could tell Lumon’s system what triggered people’s mood swings. Beyond macro data Numbers, Shocking Waffle Party Severance pay Provides more background information on the four temperaments (but also raises more questions). Despite that, it is clear that the numbers represent Keir’s temperament. This supports the idea that the way employees classify the numbers—and not the numbers themselves—is why Lumon needed the Macrodata Refinement Tool.

What the numbers say about employees (and why Lumon cares)

Macrodata Screener taken in Severance Episode 2 "Half Ring"

Kier Eagan talks about balancing and controlling the four temperaments, and Lumon may be developing an approach based on this philosophy to create better employees. These numbers can affect employees differently. For example, the set of numbers that remind of the Dread in Helly might mean nothing to Mark. On the other hand, the numbers represent the four gases based on experience, that is, the four gases can be expressed specifically.

Why is it necessary to fire an employee for this job and why two Severance pay The characters that are not cut out are authority figures. Disengagement can provide an uninterrupted way to determine one’s mood, thereby facilitating digital categorization. Irv deals with how history affects a person’s identity and how people are cut off before they start working and know of Lumon with no history. White board Status – They are an empty medium with no context of who they are. Severance pay’Corporate secrets are getting darker by the day, and the idea of ​​hiding so much work that seems pointless to employees only makes it worse.

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Why meaningless numbers make the most disturbing Gen-Z office ever satirized

Hayley, Dylan and Owen on severance package

Severance pay The true meaning of those numbers can never be revealed, as keeping their true meanings a secret would be better suited to the show’s overarching critique of modern capitalism. Severance payThe greatest unanswered questions and mysteries point to one thing: the alienation of the worker, the complete loss of the worker’s independence, existing only as a cog in the machine. Macrodata Refinement’s “secret and important” work is reminiscent of Google’s approach to its algorithms: no single employee has the full picture, and the program’s ultimate aim is to make people get excited about tasks they know nothing about.

The cycle of sacrificing 8 hours of conscious thought to generate meaningless numbers — this can help companies understand how their employees process emotions and trigger further controls – – reflect excessive redundancy with data in harsh and bossy conditions. It will almost certainly be stronger since the general purpose is not to be sinister or apocalyptic. Instead, employees may give this treatment for the sole purpose of increasing efficiency, which is much more unsettling and Kafkaesque. Severance pay Already one of the best sci-fi shows of 2022, it could go even further if some of Lumon’s secrets remain hidden. That said, viewers should expect more answers to these mysteries Severance pay Season 2. Hopefully season 2 will unravel the inexplicable mysteries created by the decade’s most underrated dark workplace comedy.

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