Beat Fire MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.02

Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds is an energetic music game with electronic music. Dynamic youthful melody, new way of playing makes you satisfied. Use guns and move to hit the target, the sound is the highlight of the repertoire in this level. As a music player, Beat Fire has completely updated the gameplay making it unique. In the game guide you can pass the bricks, but when it comes to the actual game mode you can’t miss it. A game designed for every player like a gas master. You can make great EDMs without being musically minded. Many popular songs here.

The music party of all genres in Beat Fire will make you forget about fatigue immediately. If possible, wear headphones to fully enjoy the game. The output quality of the sound is also very important. If you’re unlucky, a phone with bad speakers can detract from the experience. The number and genre of songs in the game Beat Fire is very diverse. Almost all songs are free in normal mode. Players can freely choose their favorite songs and start playing with a special gun.

Download Beat Fire MOD – Enjoy the EDM music space

You probably already know some music games like Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! or Magic Tiles 3. What these games have in common is that they build gameplay around playing the piano. But Beat Fire is different in gameplay, you will play music with a gun. Move to the sides to hit the bricks that fall from above. Each press produces a sound that matches the current track. Combine multiple tile shapes and skins to create epic musical spaces. The sound of gunfire and the effect of the song being played always makes the music intense and true EDM. Beat Fire is a place for young people who always love their music.

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new song

Beat Fire always updates new hit songs. Orchid, Summer Nights, Bumpa, these are some of the songs that have just been added in the current version. Play level mode if you don’t want to pick. Beat Fire chooses a random song and you have to beat the odds as the bricks fall faster and faster.

Download Beat Fire mod

weapons and blocks

Replace weapons with new guns for a more exciting experience. The new shape of the brick will also delight you. 500 gold coins are unlocked randomly and there are not many in the store. If you want to have all the guns and bricks, it will only take you a few minutes with Beat Fire MOD. There are no specific names for weapons or bricks, check the pictures in the store to find your favorite model.

Change theme

Sword color is the main color in the game’s ancient interface. You can change the blue to VIP at Wonder Garden for $0.99. But GameDVA does not encourage cash payments. The MOD version of Beat Fire supports owning weapons, tiles and unlocking songs, enough for your entertainment.

Beat fire mod apk

Stirring fire with falling bricks and guns, they create catchy tunes. A music space for players to create and enjoy. Authentic EDM music store to help you have unforgettable moments. Download Beat Fire MOD and prepare your headphones to focus and play music your way.

Download Beat Fire MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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