Exile Survival MOD APK (God mode)

The story of the battle of the gods in Exile goes back thousands of years. As a result, the once prosperous continent of exile has now disappeared and has turned into a wasteland. Not many people survived the fierce battle. In a land where all civilizations have been wiped out, historical and religious monuments no longer exist. You are a warrior, exiled from a tribe consisting only of survivors. Wandering around alone, you must try to survive. Fight against many emerging dangers.

The gameplay in Exile Survival is similar to many other survival games. Your mission here is still to find food, ingredients and resources. From there you can survive, fight and build your own stronghold. Eliminate all strangers who intend to attack you. Combine many other players to create new clans. Only through constant struggle is it possible to survive in this chaotic world. All thoughts and beliefs have no meaning anymore.

Exile survival mode

  • Only rooted devices are supported and Lucky Patcher is required to login.

Download Exile Survival mod – Survive to defeat the forces of evil

In this unspoiled land, you still control your character. Finding your own food, supplies, and shelter is still paramount in the beginning. There are many materials around you that you can easily collect. Turn them into various things for a living. Craft self-defense weapons, cook food, and build your many shelters. If things went this way, there would be no reason for the game to launch. There will be many unpleasant things haunting you at any time.

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Chances of catching homeless people and bandits living in exile are very high. You have to face and destroy all of them. If they threaten or steal your resources. When you have a fuller standard of living, they will kill you en masse. Stay calm and fight bravely. Because the characters are always provided with the necessary weapons of their own creation. Do not fear the enemy when fully prepared.

Exile survival mod apk

Build stronger characters

The character equipment system is absolutely indispensable. Provide a certain amount of materials that you collect. There are 6 types of weapons and armor to equip your body with. Buy axes and bows with terrible damage. Special skills can also be unlocked when you reach the required level. They have many supernatural powers. Deal great damage and create magical effects on the character. In addition to making your character stronger, these basic upgrades. It’s easy to survive in a one-on-one battle.

Exile survival mod apk for free

Set up a base far away

The map in Exile Survival is so large that the player can go forever without running out of its length. The map also presents a variety of lands with different climates and landscapes. Very convenient for commuting and exploring. You can even build your own permanent home here. Small barracks are part of fighting there. Of course, new lands will contain many new dangers. These are thieves or vagrants who intentionally take over your home and kill you. Of course, you will be able to handle them easily. Expand your territory.

Exile survival mode

Add a raft and create a tribe

Although you are very strong and have epic attributes, many powerful weapons. When do you think the army will invade your place? The strength of hundreds of soldiers, can you stand it? Therefore, co-op mode was born to meet the needs of gamers. Now you and your friends can roam freely in Survival Exile. Together they form a formidable alliance. Contribute to the construction of the tribe and not be afraid of the enemy. In other words, you need teammates to maximize your power.

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Free Exile Survival Mode

Bringing a fantasy survival world with many mythological and magical elements. Compared to many other survival games, Exile Survival has affirmed its position. In addition to the exceptionally beautiful 3D graphics, the mechanics are well designed and rendered. It makes many people feel very real and very excited. Only you who are reading this haven’t tried it yet. If you like survival and adventure then Exile Survival mod is a great choice for you.

Download Exile Survival MOD APK (Divine Mode) For Android

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