Dr. Driving MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.69

SUD Inc. Dr. Driving Realistic traffic driving simulation game. You will need to obey traffic laws and fulfill the requirements to obtain a driver’s license. Your driving skills will improve if you follow the rules and control the car carefully. Dr. driving Busy road, prone to accidents if not paying attention. A tight security system with police present in the event of an incident. When you violate traffic safety, you will have nowhere to go. Strictly following the rules and showing good driving skills is all a player can do.

You will understand that driving in Dr. Driving is not easy. This game helps you to take your traffic law knowledge and driving skills to the next level. Of course, driving is not the same as CSR Racing 2, Hill Climb Racing. The goal in the game Dr. Driving is not about driving fast but driving safely and without breaking traffic laws. You don’t end the game when the police show up for whatever reason. Not only the penalty, but the player also has to play from the beginning. Drive calmly and handle all situations that occur on the road, lest the police alert you.

Download Dr. Driving MOD – Drive and obey traffic laws

Dr.Driver’s road system and means of transportation are very modern. You appear in a large city where there are many vehicles coming and going. Steering wheel, accelerator, brake and rearview mirror are the most essential. Like sitting in a real car, use everything to make the right decisions while driving. Pick a challenge before taking on the busy road. Lanes, Vip Escorts, Parking, Broken Brakes, Trucks, these are all very impressive experiences. Each game mode, you need to complete the mission in a unique way. Dr. Driving always emphasizes the skill factor as the deciding factor for players to do well or not in this game. However, the next version of SUD Inc with more extended features is attracting millions of downloads.

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many different car segments

Classes A, B, C, and S are the different vehicle segments included in the game. Choose the model you like and bring it to the street to experience. Korea, Nar, Choco, Chess, Kos, Ayh, Sh… Some models in the above market segments have attracted the attention of many drivers. After buying a car, you need to change the specifications to make it more powerful. See the next section for details where the car needs improvement. Explore Dr Driving City and drive in a way that you think is elegant, but don’t let the police punish you.

Upgrade Car

Do you want to make the car more powerful or change some basic details on the car? Engine, brakes, tires, fuel, comfort and durability are the parts you can upgrade. More gold coins, more gold coins, don’t be afraid to spend money, try your best to upgrade your whole car. In addition to improving technique, changing cars also helps you confidently drive in all situations. You can see that even with the old Dr Driving, they are still trying to be the main target skill in all game modes.

drive dr mod apk

Dr. Driving is a simple picture and sound game. The capacity is very light, the game can be played well on devices with weak configuration. But that doesn’t mean its gameplay is dull. The game modes present insurmountable challenges, and you will need a lot of practice to have good driving technique. Download the Dr. apk Driving to immerse yourself in the wheel and check if your steering wheel is zero.

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Download Dr. Driving MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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