Donkey Kong: 10 Hilarious Memes

In the released interview trailer TV G4Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Firth Aimee Claims He Hates Donkey Kong From an administrative point of view. This was a shock to Nintendo’s beloved ape fans, who introduced the iconic rattle drum in that game.

While Fils-Aimé may not like one of the core devices Donkey Kong franchise, it’s safe to say that the internet has a huge love for the ape of the same name as the franchise. Donkey Kong, through his own games and appearing in many Nintendo titles outside of his franchise, such as Mario Kart And Super Smash Bros., has been recognized by new and old players. Outside of games, he hits the internet with memes, one of the core ways fans show appreciation and affection.

King Kong

Word games always bring a good laugh and make for a good meme. The name Donkey Kong itself is amusing, and there are many variations on it in the meme making process. By using different words that can be substituted for “Donkey” or “Kong”, fans have found different combinations that are extremely interesting.

The stonenks meme has exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming a fan favorite for its economic impact and versatility in the meme scene. Memedroid user Yeeter69420 combined Donkey Kong with classic faces from the stonks meme to give a new reason to laugh out loud in class.

Man, it hurts to have a hip like this

Meme trick Kong.

TV adaptation in the early 2000s country donkey kong Create lots of screenshot gems perfect for memes. In the episode “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Bluster”, the ape Leo Luster sings “Man, that’s a pain in the but” while stopping King K. Rool and his followers.

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This grab, which has gone viral on the internet, has become the perfect vehicle for depicting freaks trying to keep up with the times. It’s often used to mock corporations or older adults’ corny attempts at zoomer culture or other newer phenomena, as Reddit user SwAg_LaMp did in the first iteration of the meme.

King Kong posing

Donkey Kong poses with his arms outstretched.

The T pose has become an integral part of zoomers’ humor, and its awkward form is the default setting for many glitches in video games, most notably in Cyberpunk 2077. This gesture is often seen as a way of asserting dominance over others due to its vast, looming nature.

The T-posed nature of Donkey Kong was the result of one of these glitches and later turned into a meme format, when YouTuber Master0fHyrule posted a video featuring all of the Super Smash Bros characters, including Donkey Kong, T-shape due to WiiU glitch. A T-pose favorite character meme can make meme users dominate the internet, especially when it comes to winning with Donkey Kong’s character or avatar.

cranky hole meme? never heard of them

Donkey Kong’s grandfather and mentor, Grumpy Kong is an integral character in Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Franchising. As his name suggests, he complains a lot, but he is a very useful character in the game and often enjoys breaking the fourth wall in the game.

From its fourth wall-breaking record, Nintendo of America exploits Cranky Kong for meme-based promotion 2014 on Twitter. Ironically, he doesn’t know what a meme is, a fun and clever way for Nintendo to promote its brand.

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that’s not part of my plan

An expression pack about Donkey Kong.

Many “that’s not in my plans” meme formats have been spread around the internet. They allow meme users to take advantage of the fun when plans go wrong. The popular Shocked Pikachu meme, along with the four-panel Gru meme, is probably the most famous of the bunch.

However, Donkey Kong has its own form and is as fun as the two aforementioned forms. Show screenshots from country donkey kongThe ape’s shocked face is the perfect response when things don’t go according to plan, such as the unfortunate bloating incident that happened to imgflip user Nategood1.

Donkey Kong v. King K. Rool

Meme trick Kong.

In some ways, life imitates art. While this can happen in a variety of ways, one of the best is when a parody becomes the perfect meme, such as a fight between a gorilla and an alligator.

exist Donkey Kong As we all know, the franchise has its arch-nemesis the villainous Crocodile King K. Rool. Created by memedroid user Oozername, this meme takes their epic showdown off the screen and into the wild, like real-life Donkey Kong facing off against King K. Rool in slick live-action.

Dan Kikang

game show Danger! Many funny clips and answers to silly questions have been made that fans of the sport seem to have seen. Sometimes the funniest things never happen, but it’s funny to think it will.

2014, animator Mike Rosenthal tweeted a photo of a Danger! Contestants answer questions about Sonic the Hedgehog with “Dankey Kang”. The so-called blunder was later proven false, but that didn’t stop it from spreading around the internet and causing outrage.

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I will not let you down!

trick kong let you down meme

any cross of SpongeBob . Square Pants And Donkey Kong Sure to be a great meme. In particular, this scene capitalizes on a hilarious moment from an absurd show at sea, in which SpongeBob takes his support for Mr. Krabs to the next level, literally, Super Smash Bros. Screw it in.

Originally spotted posting to, “I Won’t Let You Down” Highlights Donkey Kong’s Abilities Super Smash Bros. Pick up other players, enemies and allies. Specifically, this iteration uses Samus as the struggling teammate Donkey Kong promises to fight and pick up to underscore that commitment.

Drive around in a luxury car

meme trick kong in luxury car

Donkey Kong drives a Mercedes-Benz – an extremely hilarious sight. This meme of DK and his new hot stick is from the released Mercedes-Benz DLC pack mario kart 8 2014. This update allows you to choose your favorite Mario characters and let them race in Mercedes-Benz cars, etc.

The name of the meme is usually accompanied by text, taken from country donkey kong TV series. In this scene, Donkey Kong is singing about how he will become a star and how he will “drive around in a luxury car”. The fifty-four thousand Tumblr user comment became a meme about how the DLC allowed Donkey Kong to fulfill his dream of driving a luxury car.

cool bananas

An expression pack about Donkey Kong.

Apes love to eat bananas, and most people have insight. It has been featured in many movies, TV shows, and games, including Donkey Kong. Bananas are also known by fans Donkey Kong franchise, as the sweet fruit appeared in many games.

While Donkey Kong’s fondness for bananas is well-documented, this meme takes it to the next level and shows how people have to be wary of what they love. In this lo-fi meme shared by YouTuber D’Andre Lightyear, the beloved ape can be seen enjoying his banana, turning and screaming as he is crushed by a falling GameBoy.

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