Dead Zombie Trigger 3 MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money, medical kit) 1.1.4

Dead Zombie Trigger 3 MOD APK Info

  • regime god
  • Unlimited money, medical kits
  • high grenade

Zombies are creatures that do not exist in real life, but people have created them with their rich imagination. There are many movies and games that have a zombie pandemic theme. Dead Zombie Trigger 3 is also one of them. The special thing is that this is already the third part of the series about the war between humans and zombies. Let’s wait and see what Dead Zombie Trigger 3 can bring us. Will this third part be enough to attract players and bring success like the previous ones?

For gamers who love adventure and horror games, Dead Zombie Trigger is certainly no stranger. This is a famous game about the war between humans and zombies. For those who don’t know the game, you should try this game. The makers of Free FPS Shooting Games do not stop with the second part but continue with the third because of the popularity of the game. Upgraded graphics and effects, more attractive weapons, more unique maps. This version is sure to bring new surprises.

Download mod Dead Zombie Trigger 3 – continue the never-ending war against zombies

Continuation of the story of zombies attacking humans. Dead Trigger 3 is the third installment in the zombie blockbuster series popular with young people. Coming to the game, players will play the role of a sniper. Your task is to go to the place where all the zombies appear and destroy them. Let’s fight with teammates, destroy all zombies, return peace to the world.

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Earth in 2048 will suffer a terrible pandemic. A mysterious virus turns infected people into zombies. Infected people lose their sanity and become bloodthirsty. They go to attack others and infect others with the virus. The rate of spread was so fast that the earth soon became a world of zombies. Living people are extremely afraid, always have to hide to avoid. As an army sniper, join this suicide battle for humanity.

Classic play

Dead Zombie Trigger 3 has the typical gameplay of a casual shooter. By controlling the buttons fixed on the screen, the player will aim and shoot at the target. On the screen, Dead Zombie Trigger 3 also supports an area with zombies appearing near the player’s location. Based on that to guess the location of the dangers, then destroy them before they attack you. Aim precisely and create top-notch headers. The more headers you have in a match, the higher your score.

Download mod Dead Zombie Trigger 3

Various powerful weapons

Dead Zombie Trigger 3 brings a variety of weapons to your experience. Pistols, sniper rifles, rifles, grenades, chainsaws and other weapons can be easily replaced at will. Choose the right weapon for each case and make a stunning attack. After you have your favorite weapon, show the zombies the power of a skilled sniper.

dead zombie activate 3 android mod


Dead Zombie Trigger 3 has many maps for players to explore. In each level, you will be taken to a different location. It could be a business, a restaurant, a street corner. You can even be teleported into a dark forest. Anywhere zombies appear will become your battle target. From there, every fight becomes easier. Master every map in Dead Zombie Trigger 3 and wipe out every zombie in your sights. The more you experience the new map, the better you will understand the characteristics of the terrain.

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Realistic 3D graphics

The return of Dead Zombie Trigger 3 has brought us more upgrades than the previous game. Every character movement and surrounding details are smoother. After the zombie is killed, the vanishing effect refreshes a cloud of red smoke. Zombies also have a new look. They look scarier. The sound of crying is always terrible. With creepy visuals and sounds, this is a game not for the faint of heart.

dead zombie apk activate 3 mod

The world really needs a genius sniper like you to go to the front line. Know that engaging in combat is extremely dangerous. You never know when you will die. But your sacrifice and heroic fight will bring peace to the world. Download the Dead Zombie Trigger 3 mod now and experience new content in the Zombie Wars series. Where there is no heart, there is no place for the weak. You can become the best sniper with Dead Zombie Trigger 3 mod.

Download Dead Zombie Trigger 3 MOD APK for Android (God Mode/Unlimited Money, Medical Kits)

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