15 Pokémon With The Highest Defense Stat, Ranked

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, each offering its own unique set of moves, stats, types, and fighting abilities. Newbies to training can only focus on damage dealers, and it’s really tempting to focus on Pokemon with the highest Attack and Special Attack stats.

However, defensive Pokémon play an important role for any competitive team. While their fighting style may not be flashy, these creatures are often adept at delivering blows, healing themselves, and dealing with devastating conditions, setting the stage for teammates to end the match. war.

Updated November 29, 2022 by Quinn Levandoski

After months of waiting, Pokémon Scarlet And PurpleThe main game of the ninth generation is now in the hands of players around the world. While the game has received some valid criticism for its technical issues and lack of difficulty, most players and critics agree that the new monster designs are top-notch.

However, players may notice that the latest generation of the game doesn’t really contain any monsters with particularly impressive base defense stats. Since most battles are relatively easy, “The Wall” may not be necessary for the main campaign, but competitive players will still want to know which new warriors make special defensive walls. and the best physics.

Twin Swords – 150 Defense

Doublade received points for being the only Pokémon in the top tier of the defensive rankings that was not a fully evolved monster, surpassing even the self-evolved Aegislash. Sure, it’s missing in other areas, but the state is the middle stage of its evolution allowing it to have unique access to one of the best defensive items in the game – the Eviolite.

This awesome item increases the bearer’s Defense and Special Defense by 50%, with the caveat that Pokémon cannot fully evolve. This goes perfectly with Doublade, making it harder to take down than it would otherwise be.

Calyrex Ice Knight – 150 Defense

Ice Rider Calyrex is ready to battle the player character in Pokemon Sword & Shield's Crown Tundra

Calyrex can be rather modest, but when paired with an Ice or Specter mount, it makes a great addition to any competitive team. While Shadow Form focuses more on speed and special attacks, Ice Knight Calyrex has great defense and attack stats.

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Due to Ice’s many weaknesses, Ice Ride Calyrex can be slightly less defensive than its stats suggest, but this is balanced out by this Pokémon’s array of attack and attack summoner spells, including both Glacial Lance and Sword Dance respectively.

Carbink – 150 defense

Carbinks from the Pokémon series

Carbink may be small and relatively unscathed, but its stone and gem body gives it top-notch defense and special defense (by 150). In addition, Kabink can also use the steel-type move Steel Defense to increase the user’s defensive attributes by two levels.

This makes Carbink hard to chew for most attackers, and even if they do, Carbink can be fully restored using Rest. This Pokémon may lack more utility or attack options that make it unfit to be a top competitive fighter, but Carbink is still an interesting defensive wall to stop when needed.

Toxapex – Defense 152

Toxapex, official art from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Not all Pokémon visual designs accurately represent their statistical distribution, but Toxapex does. The internal body of this Poison Water-type Pokémon may be small and vulnerable, but it is protected by a sturdy, spiked shell that gives it excellent defense.

Toxapex is also quite unique, as one of its moves, Baneful Bunker, can poison physical attackers while also blocking damage to Toxapex. This means that the opponent’s HP will slowly deplete, as Toxapex is essentially safe (and recoverable from poison).

Deoxys – Defense 160

Pokemon Go Deoxys Defense Form

Deoxys is a mythical Pokémon that was first released on Ruby Pokémon And Jade. While it may not be one of the most diverse Pokémon in the series, it is one of the few Pokémon that can transform between four different versions. While each form of Deoxys has the same overall stats, each form is dedicated to a combat role.

A Defense Deoxys has 160 Special Defenses and Defenses, so it can counter most Pokémon attacks with relative ease. Unfortunately, its average HP of 50 makes it unlikely to be a truly formidable defensive element.

Onix – 160 defense

Players riding Onix in Pokemon

Onix was one of the original 150 Pokémon, and it remains one of the most popular monsters in the series. Due to Onix’s prominent character in the early days of anime and Red Pokémon And blueThe giant rock snake was one of the first Pokémon that many fans initially saw.

While Onix’s massive size and intimidating silhouette might lead some to believe he’s capable of serious damage, its highest stat is 160 defense. Unfortunately, this impressive number is offset by exceptionally poor defense (45), attack, 45) and health (35).

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Bastiodion – Defense 168

Bastiodon jumps into battle in the Pokémon anime

All mainline games except Gold Pokémon And silver There are fossil Pokémon. These prehistoric monsters must be resurrected from fossils, each inspired by images of extinct animals in the real world. Bastiodon joins the franchise in its fourth generation, and its design appears to be inspired by Triceratops and other ceratopsian dinosaurs.

Bastiodon has a base defense of 168, and it also has a respectable special defense of 138. Bastiodon’s steel and stone type gives it some solid resistance, though players will want it to be. Avoid any melee attacks.

Agron – Defense 180

Pokémon BDSP Best Competitive Stone Aggron

Aggron is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the Hoenn region, and he’s been a fan favorite since he was first released. This massive steel and stone is the final stage of Aron’s evolution, and its impressive attack (110) and defense (180) stats help it deal as much damage as possible.

Unfortunately for Aggron Mega Evolutions did not return to the franchise as Mega Aggron has a much better 230 defense. However, Aggron is a snake Pokémon that is still competitive even in its basic form.

Cloyster – 180 defense

Cloyster smiles while attacking Pokemon

Cloyster was originally one of the weaker Pokémon in the original game, but this spiny shellfish has seen an incredible increase in competitive use after acquiring the Link ability. Its devastating skill. This ability ensures that all combos land as many times as possible.

With multiple combos like ice spears and rock blasts, Cloyster can take down even the toughest opponents. Despite his offensive power, Cloyster also has an impressive 180 defense. Unfortunately, its ability to receive hits is diminished by its preference for opening with Shell Smash.

Avalugg – Defense 184

Avalugg stands menacingly in front of Pikachu in the Pokemon anime

It’s amazing how Avalugg can focus on what it wants to do. The defense is as high as 184 and the health is above average at 95. It is nearly impossible to knock down this wall of ice in the condition that Avalug can only withstand the physical attacks of neutral attacks. or resistance.

Unfortunately, Avalugg ranks low in the Ice category, as it sucks at everything except physical attacks. With 28 Speed ​​and 46 Special Defense, it’s usually not difficult for opponents to take down with a variety of super effective against Ice.

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Hisuian Avalugg – 184 Defense

Bergmite evolves into Hisuian Avalugg at level 37 in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Adding regional Pokémon forms is one of the best decisions Game Freak has ever made regarding the franchise. This allowed them to revisit older monsters and show how they evolved in different environments. All of them, including Hisuian Avalugg (from Legendary Pokémon: Arceus) and also obtain a new statistical distribution.

This version of Avaligg loses some of its special attacks and special defenses (it’s rarely used), and has more speed and attacks instead. Thankfully, it retains an impressive 184 defense in its base form, though players should be aware that its additional Rock assist typing adds some new weaknesses and resistances. .

Regirock – Defense 200

Reggie Locke fighting in the Pokémon anime

There are currently six Reggie Pokémon, each based on a different type of Pokémon. While both have useful defensive stats, Regirock is by far the most impressive. This Stone-pure type has a defense of 200, the highest of any Legendary Pokémon to date.

Regirock is the opposite of Regice, with each Pokémon’s Attack, Special Attack, Defense, and Defense mirrored in reverse. While Regirock’s stats are impressive, its input is a bit of a hitch. While Rock is very effective against Fire and Flying, the five common types of attack are very effective against Rock.

Steelix – 200 Defense

Steelix is ​​ready for battle

Onix has one of the highest defense stats in the Pokémon series, so that means its evolved form is even more impressive. Steelix swaps Onix’s primary stone for steel (while keeping the secondary earth type), which has a defense of 200.

Although instructors can now stampmagic sword And shield, commercial is the only way to grow from Onix. According to the theme, a traded Onix must hold the Metal Jacket for the duration of the trade in order to grow.

Stakataka – Defense 211

Stakataka may be the best Ultra Beast in Pokémon, but it's hard to use.

The designs of Ultra Beasts range from the amazing to the terrifying, and Stakataka is definitely one of the weirdest Pokémon the series has introduced. Another one titled UB Assemble appears to be a cell tower made of a few bricks. This Ultra Beast has the second highest defense of all Pokémon at 211.

Even more impressive is Stakataka’s Beast Boost ability, which increases a Pokémon’s top stat by 1 every time another Pokémon is defeated. Although Stakataka is harder to take down than aggressive monsters, it can quickly become nearly invulnerable if buffed.

Cuffs – 230 Defense

Shuckle at Galar Mine #2 in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Through observation, few would have guessed that Shuckle has the highest defense in the entire Pokémon series. This little monster resembles a turtle or some kind of worm in the rock, but it has an amazing 230 defense. Equally impressive is its equally high exceptional defense.

Unfortunately, Shuckle is almost useless by its other stats. Most notably, Shuckle’s base health is only 20. This means that despite Shuckle’s high defense and exceptional defense, it can still be dealt with pretty quickly.

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