British man punches steward on Thai Airways flight. Watch

A British man was arrested after punching a flight attendant on a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to London Heathrow. According to reports, the man was “smashing” around the bathroom. Flight attendants and fellow passengers intervened to stop him, and he then punched one of the staff members, who fell to the floor from the impact.

A British man who punched a steward on a Thai Airways flight was arrested. (Unsplash/Siddharth Shah)

According to the Independent, the man was arrested after landing in London. “We met the aircraft on arrival and a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and endangering an aircraft,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. “He remains in custody. Another man was transported to the hospital. His condition was assessed as being out of danger,” the Institute added.

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The video of the incident made it to social media and went viral. The video shows several people trying to stop the man, including the flight attendant. In the commotion, the man throws a punch, and the steward falls. While several passengers were seen helping the flight crew, others were caught restraining the man.

Watch the video of the fight:

A woman who witnessed the incident told Metro: “He was in the toilet and he started screaming and shouting. He started breaking the door, and it came off its hinges.”

“An older guy – in a white T-shirt – tried to pull him out. An argument broke out and he ended up punching the flight attendant. I think he broke his nose,” she added.

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“Two passengers sat on either side of him and kept pulling him down. We had to put up with his yelling. He was very verbally abusive,” she further told the newspaper.

‘It was rough. People were changing seats and moving children to the back of the plane. [Upon landing] the police came and pulled him out,” the witness added.

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