A motorcyclist noticed an injured eagle and saved it with his quick wits

A motorcyclist was driving on a busy highway when he saw a helpless golden eagle on a riad. The eagle is injured.

A man took an eagle from the middle of a busy road. The drivers stopped the car and looked at the injured eagle, but didn’t know what to do.

A motorcyclist named Dandon hugged the eagle and wrapped it in his shirt and tried to comfort the frightened eagle. He called a rescue organization to help the hopeless creature.


The man did everything to calm the bird. The eagle felt safe and stopped trembling.

Moments later, a rescue organization arrived and commended the man for taking care of the golden eagle. The eagle suffered minor injuries, but no broken bones.


The eagle is in a rehabilitation center and is recovering. We hope that his condition will improve day by day.

Thanks to this kind motorcyclist, the eagle was saved and the bird didn’t have to suffer.

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