All American: Why Did Olivia & Spencer Break Up?

The relationship between Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) and Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) is one of the sweetest all Americans, they broke up for a tragic but important reason. Spencer met Jordan’s (Michael Evans Belling) twin sister, Olivia, while attending Beverly Hills High School at the beginning of Season 1, and the pair became close friends before confessing to their relationship in Season 3. In Season 5, the characters go to King’s College Los Angeles, where Spencer plays football and Olivia works for the university. los angeles court, which she hopes will help her in her future reporting career. Although there is a lot of romance in the movie, the characters really understand each other.

While football is the focus of the show, the best characters all Americans There are both personal and professional intrigues, as they care deeply about the people in their lives, but also want to continue their sports dreams.olivia from all AmericansThe traumatic breakup with Spencer demonstrates the film’s ability to create lasting emotional moments.

Spencer broke up with Olivia because of a controversial article

Spencer ends her relationship with Olivia all Americans Season 5 Episode 1 “Ludacrismas” at the holiday party, one of the most exciting moments of the whole season. He broke up with Olivia because she wrote an article about his Golden Angels College coach, Evan Garrett (Sean Carrigan), and how he encouraged his players to intentionally hurt the players. player of the opposing team. all Americans The bounty plot is about the pressure coaches put on athletes to win at all costs. Later, in episode 6 “Nobody Can Stop Me”, Coach Garrett resigned before being fired.

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Olivia and Spencer’s breakup is particularly touching because the episode makes it clear that while Olivia made it difficult for the Golden Angeles University team, her current ex-boyfriend understands she’s writing the reason for this story. Olivia Wanting to pursue her dream of writing, Spencer told her, “You love your dreams more, and that’s okay. I will never ask you to give up anything for me, just like you never asked me to leave football

Spencer and Olivia are still in love

Olivia and Spencer watch an all-American show together

exist all Americans In Season 3, Olivia and Spencer developed a relationship that lasted in Season 5, although they went their separate ways. Although Olivia Pursuing her writing goals and moving forward with a tough story that has made waves in the world of college football, she tells Spencer she knows they can be together again in the future. future. This is an important detail because it shows that the characters still have strong feelings for each other and that they wish they weren’t apart.

Olivia doesn’t stop caring about Spencer, and from the pilot episode, when she greeted him in a friendly and compassionate way, she made it clear that she would be there for him. While the breakup was bleak, it showed that Spencer wanted Olivia to follow her heart, even if it meant taking her away from him for a while.

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