90 Day Fiancé: Hamza Hides Baby’s Face In First Photo Since Memphis Split

Hamza Moknii shares the first photo of his daughter fiance 90 days Viewers on Instagram after breaking up with wife Memphis Smith.Hamza and Memphis debut Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Season 5 introduces their imperfect love story. The couple found each other on an international dating site and after talking for about eight months, the Memphis, Michigan resident flew to Tunisia to marry Hamza. Despite the language barrier, the couple decided to get married within two weeks of meeting. A few days later, Memphis revealed that the two were pregnant.

However, she then had to return to the US to say goodbye to her new husband. The couple reunited shortly after Hamza’s partner visa was approved. Although Memphis and Hamza seemed to love each other very much, their marriage did not last long. Some leaked texts from Memphis and Hamza indicate that they have separated. Hamza apparently lives in Chicago with a friend of his, while Memphis looks after her three children in Michigan.

After the news of the two breaking up was posted online, many fiance 90 days Viewers worry about whether Hamza will be able to meet his daughter. Luckily, Hamza recently posted a photo with her children on Instagram. He looks really happy spending quality time with his daughter. However, Hamza did not reveal his 6-month-old baby’s face in the photo. The new parents of Memphis and Hamza seem to have decided to hide their child’s face in the photo to avoid any discussion. Check out the pictures of Hamza below:

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Hamza disabled comments on his post, but fiance 90 days Viewers can be delighted to hear that he was able to meet his daughter after breaking up with his wife. However, it is not known if he had only seen his daughter recently or if it was an old photo. With Memphis leaving Tell-All early, audiences don’t know how her new marriage to Hamza will play out. She has made many allegations against Hamza, but it is not clear why the couple broke up. However, most fiance 90 days Viewers sided with Hamza, arguing that Memphis had always been manipulative and absurd.

Without the support of Memphis, perhaps Hamza could hardly stay in America. Since he is a certified HVAC technician he can get a job, but it is still difficult to communicate because he does not know the local language. Some fiance 90 days Viewers hope that Memphis and Hamza will give their relationship another chance, although that seems unlikely right now.

Source: Hamza Moknii/Instagram

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