Why Jason Momoa’s Fast X Street Race Is More Important Than You Think

villain jason momoa fast x Will be a skilled street racer, which means more than it looks. fast legend Speed ​​up the action again in the tenth installment of the franchise, fast xin which Dominique Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family become the targets of their newest nemesis, Dante (Jason Momoa). fast x In the trailer, Dante harbors a deep grudge against Dom, stemming from fast legendimportant part of fast year.

this fast x The trailer shows all the high-octane highway action the world is expecting Fast and furious movies, but not all of them relate to the series’ famous feat of skipping physics. The trailer also shows Dante racing against Dom and several other riders in a street race. By introducing street racing for fast xit could also depict Dante’s plot against Dom.

Dante is Fast Saga’s first street racing villain in a while

Dante is already unique in modern times Fast and furious The villain, because he’s the first to get into street racing in a long time.as fast legend Going into increasingly bizarre scenes, it gradually began to leave its early speed buffs in the rearview mirror. Fast and furious The franchise’s street racing revival fast xeven if it’s just a game, it’s in the series Back to the real starting point.

while returning to the original Fast and furious The series has long been teased as fast x, the way it’s presented in the trailer can also tell a bit. Surrounded by his henchmen, Dante seems to be encouraging Dom to join a street race. While this may seem like a confusing decision for a villain on a revenge mission, Dante’s revenge philosophy could make it a cold treat.

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Dante may want to defeat Dom in many waysJason Momoa wields a knife as Dante in Fast X

Dom’s long history in street racing and his heroic actions that saved the world have made him a legend in the world. Fast and furious universe. Dante clearly recognizes this and will probably incorporate it into his revenge on Dom, as Dante is determined to defeat Dom at every level in his own game. Instead of just targeting Dom and his family for instant assassination, Dante might want to humiliate Dom as much as possible in the comics first. Fast and furious Movie, starting from street racing.

Until now, Dante’s long-standing feud with Dom was known only to fast year, Dante feels that the robbery of Dom and his gang. As a street racing villain, Dante seems to have found the best way to vent his rage on Dom and his family. fast xDante’s victory over Dom in the street race could be his last badge of honor.

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