71-year-old US woman bags the title of ‘oldest female ninja’

Age is just a number, and 71-year-old Virginia Lenore MacColl from the USA proves it very well. She was named the oldest female ninja in the latest Guinness World Records (GWR) review. The organization also shared a video showing her negotiating obstacle courses filled with challenges of a different nature. The video shows him climbing, jumping and even swinging from the bar.

The picture shows 71-year-old record holder Virginia Lenore MacColl from the USA. (Guinness World Record)

“Oldest competitive ninja athlete (female). He competed at the age of 70 years and 90 days,” GWR shared alongside the video. According to a blog shared by the organization, MacColl “began participating in ninja warrior competitions at the age of 66” after her daughter inspired her to take up the sport.

MacColl added that she was motivated to begin her journey after watching her daughter, Jessie Graff, participate in American Ninja Warrior.

She also spoke about her husband and revealed that he is her “number one fan”. MacColl went on to add, “Even though he can’t travel for medical reasons, he encourages me to go to every competition.”

She also told how she keeps in shape. He mainly relies on a “Mediterranean diet consisting of fish and vegetables, some chicken and turkey”. However, she stays away from dairy or carbonated drinks and has limited her sugar intake.

While talking to Guinness World Records about what it’s like to be an athlete at this age, she said, “Age and inexperience should never be a barrier. It’s just part of the journey.”

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The video, shared by GWR, opens to show MacColl showing off his floor skills by jumping from one platform to another. As the video progresses, he is seen swinging from the bar holding his Guinness World Record certificate. Meanwhile, she also shares tidbits about her incredible journey.

Check out this video showcasing MacColl’s skills:

The video had more than 3.4 million views. The section also collected various comments. Many wrote “Congratulations” to share their reactions. A few also posted how she inspired them. Some reacted to the video with heart emoticons.

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