10 Most Hilarious Pokémon Fusions Ever

Pokémon Fusion Generator is a website that allows Pokemon Fans can fuse any two Pokémon of their choice together. With no restrictions on the generation, size, type, or even style of Pokémon to be fused, the Pokémon Fusion Generator allows for some very creative designs.

Fans can combine some of the most powerful Pokémon ever, like Matchamp, with other fun-looking Pokémon, like Slowbro, to create some of the funniest combinations. With over 850 unique Pokémon, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Matchamp and Slowbro

While Slowchamp may not look like the most intimidating Pokémon, it has the strength of Matchamp and the mental strength of Slowbro. While this might make for an extremely powerful combination, the look is absolutely hilarious.

Adding Slowbro’s goofy face to any powerful Pokémon is enough to bring fans to tears, and Matchamp is no exception.

Squirtle and Gengar

Gentleness in the Pokémon Fusion app.

The union of Squirtle and Gengar resulted in an evil Squirtle who had just hatched an ingenious plan to take over the world. The fused Pokémon’s name is “Gentle”, which is exactly the opposite of its appearance.

If I were to describe this fusion, “gentle” would probably be the last word that comes to mind. While it retains Gengar’s evil appearance, it also has Squirtle’s minuscule size, making it far less intimidating and terrifying.

Giratina and Gilafarrig

Giratina in the Pokémon Fusion app.

Combining one of the best and most powerful legendary Pokémon in the series with a simple giraffe will definitely bring laughs. Although the result of combining Giratina and Gilafarik is named Giratina (or Gilafarik if they were combined in the reverse order), it’s surprisingly interesting in appearance.

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While the fused Pokémon retains most of Giratina’s original body, it retains Giratina’s tail, feet, and most importantly, face. This results in a Pokémon with a legendary powerful body but a face that looks like it doesn’t know what it’s doing.

onyx and fregon

Flyix in the Pokémon Fusion app.

One of the best combinations is to fuse Onix (or any other heavy rock-type Pokémon) with Flygon (or any flying Pokémon). This results in a heavy Pokémon with wings that may not be able to fly due to its weight.

Additionally, Onix and Flygon make the result look like a polished caterpillar with a cute face. However, the caterpillar-like Pokémon named “Flyix” cannot imagine flying with these minuscule wings, especially considering that it is a Ground and Rock-type Pokémon.

Charmander and Bulbasaur

Bulbamander in the Pokémon Fusion app.

Combining two of the most iconic Kanto starter Pokémon, Charmander and Bulbasaur, the results are hilarious. The fused Pokémon, named “Bulbamander,” looks like Charmander preparing for some sort of alien invasion or zombie apocalypse.

With his evil appearance, Bulbamund appears ready to infect the entire Pokémon universe. Another important detail is the green flames on its tail.

Moltres and Mr. Mime

Mr. Tres in the Pokémon Fusion app.

Moltus and Mr. Mime are a hilarious example of blending powerful mythical Pokémon with weaker, fun Pokémon. The result is Mr. Tres, a Pokémon that’s a lot more interesting than the original design.

From pale pink to huge round eyes and rouged cheeks, this is one of the funniest fusions and one of those cases where the name fits the look perfectly.

Reshiram and Diglit

Digram in the Pokémon Fusion app.

Reshiram is one of the legends in Generation V and one of the coolest Fire Pokémon of all time. Combining it with Diglit almost feels like a crime, as it strips Reshiram of all the power and style that made it such a legend.

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The result is Digram, a cross between a bird and a mole that retains Digram’s iconic face and big red nose. However, it’s not confirmed if this Pokémon is capable of flying or if it can only be found underground.

Gudra and Jamprav

Jumpdra in the Pokémon Fusion app.

Goodra is one of the few pseudo-legendary Pokémon in the series, and combining it with a fluffy jumping fur can lead to hilarious results. Jumpdra, the new fusion Pokémon, will be a grass and dragon type, keeping Goodra’s shape while also gaining Jumpdra’s fluffy and furry style.

Additionally, Jumpdra retains Jumpluff’s cheerleader-like pom-poms and, of course, its signature funny face.

Meow and Meow

Meowth in the Pokémon Fusion app.

The fusion of Meowth and Mew will produce a Pokémon named Meowth, which will maintain Meowth’s size. However, similar to Mew, the new Meowth is floating and pink.

Fusion Meowth is one of the few instances where a legendary Pokémon can be both a legendary and a normal Pokémon found in the first bush in the game. However, even though it’s considered legendary, it doesn’t have the most intimidating appearance thanks to having the original Meowth face.

raperio and quagsray

Quaglio in the Pokémon Fusion app.

Any tough-looking Pokémon quickly loses all of its intimidating elements when mixed with Quagsire, and Rhyperior is no exception. The result of the fusion here is Quagerior, a ground and water-type Pokémon that combines the body of Rhyperior with the blue color of Quagireor.

The best and most noticeable change by far is the face, as it inherits the goofy look of the Quagsire. Additionally, the Quagerior inherits the Quagsire’s flaps, which results in a hilarious combination.

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