6 Reasons Adam Driver’s 65 Bombed At The Box Office

Adam DriverLeadership 65 There was a chance to be the next big Sony franchise to launch, but unfortunately, the dinosaur movie failed at the box office for a number of reasons. This sci-fi action movie follows Mills (Driver) to Earth 65 million years ago as he must protect himself and a young girl from the Tyrannosaurus Rex and many other iconic dinosaurs. . However, despite this seemingly interesting premise, the film failed to capture the audience’s imagination.

65 Directed by filmmaker duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who helped make it a huge success quiet place franchise, so it’s no surprise that Sony has high expectations for the future of the film. 65 could be a good alternative Jurassic Park, such as the only other modern dinosaur series. The 2023 release has all the elements that make a blockbuster; Filming budget of $91 million (via CBR), a high concept and the driver plays the main role. Unfortunately, the film didn’t do well in its opening weekend, and unless sales drop to 0% in its second week, it will be another failure for Sony. That is why, despite its unique properties, 65 box office bombardment.

6 65 fierce box office competition

65 Originally slated for an April 2022 release, almost a year before it actually came out, Sony didn’t want to mess with it. Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverseguarantee the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result, Sony delayed 65 Until 2023. However, ironically, 65 It could be more successful if it competes with the MCU movies, as the dinosaur movie ends up having to compete with the two big openings in its opening weekend. The movie was released on the same day shout VIAnd just a week later third principleand I’m sure the second week will be strong too.

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shout VI used to the 65s great threat. in spite of 65 Rated PG-13 vs shout VI’an s R rating, which means more people can see the content, shout VI There is a big motivation behind it. The series is part of a long-running horror series that is loved by many and 65 Not part of any existing assets. It follows scream VU, marking the epic return of the series. So, shout VI has the largest opening scream Movie. 65 Also in theaters on the same weekend as Woody Harrelson champion. Even though it’s not the main threat, it’s still another movie 65 had to compete.

dinosaur movies still have to do with third principle Also on the second weekend. A movie that makes the most of the box office in its first week usually drops about 60% in its second week. But due to the positive influence of word of mouth third principlecritically acclaimed and re-watched by fans, it’s clear the boxing movie is headed for a strong second weekend. third principle Breaking five opening weekend records and also hitting a major milestone in its second weekend, becoming one of only two films to surpass $100 million domestically in 2023 (via box office curse). This is all bad news 65Chances at the box office.

5 65 Little or no marketing


in spite of 65 There’s actually some marketing, it just doesn’t equal the amount of advertising that this expensive movie usually has. Apart from a few posters and trailers, Sony spends almost nothing on marketing 65 Regardless, it doesn’t help when the competition is fierce. Lack of marketing for a mid-budget movie usually means the studio doesn’t have any faith in the movie. Marketing the movie means spending millions of dollars, which is essentially pointless if the movie gets bad reviews and audiences. Sony didn’t seem to think they would make enough money even if the studio heavily advertised the film, so they didn’t take out a loan. 65 necessary support.

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4 out of 65 get mostly negative reviews

Adam Driver, 65 years old, looks terrified while soaking wet in the foggy forest

Although the compliment is not the actor’s fault, 65 Has the worst Rotten Tomatoes score of Driver’s career. The film holds a “rotten” rating of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. Hannah Strong calls it “thePart memorabilia, part ludicrous sci-fi fare” (overcome blatant lie), Travis Hopson describes “A repetitive, often dry story that will keep you counting down until it’s gone” (overcome Drunk Critic). Sony didn’t lift the ban on reviews until the day the movie was released, which is a disastrous sign because it means the studio knew it was going to get bad reviews and wanted to keep potential viewers away. ability to stay away from that information for as long as possible.

3 titles 65 confusing

Adam Driver as Mills with Koa in '65

While this rule may not apply to low-budget or art-house movies, movie titles are non-artistic and movie titles are just another marketing tool for studios. A perfect example would be Onionannoying subtitles,”The Mystery of the Sword,” EQUAL Onion Didn’t explicitly say it’s a sequel knife out. the 65s The title is probably a big reason no one came to see it in theaters, because it’s just a number and doesn’t reveal anything. Despite hinting at the film’s 65-million-year-old setting, no one can tell from the title, especially since The Driver is armed with high-tech weapons in the poster. This represents a missed opportunity to draw viewers into an interesting and unique premise.

2 Adam Driver is not a rich actor

Kylo Ren on his ship in The Rise of Skywalker

movies like 65 In general, they are all reliable box office actors and guaranteed audiences. However, while Driver is well known and featured in the latest part Star Wars three seasons, he was never the driving force behind a hit movie. Driver’s two other films, that report And Annetteboth were bombed, as were many of his other films, such as Silent And Last match. in spite of 65 It was a big risk for Driver and it was a risk for Sony to choose him, and the risk didn’t pay off. Apart from Driver, 65 has few roles and no other powerful stars.

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1 out of 65 can still be successful in streaming

Jared Leto plays Morbius in the movie of the same name with red eyes like a vampire and big clenched teeth

Given the short time between the film’s release and release, coupled with negative reviews, potential viewers may decide to wait and see. 65 until released online. Some movies have huge theatrical windows, while others, if they perform poorly or fail completely, will be scrapped from streaming platforms shortly after their opening weekend. . So maybe not for long 65 Released on a streaming platform, it actually exacerbated its poor box office performance. However, like other Sony movies high speed train And mobile a huge hit on Netflix, 65 It is still possible to get attention while streaming and eventually find your audience there.

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