You’re eagle-eyed if you can spot the odd one out in this clever number brain teaser – can you find it?

WANT to test your eyesight?

This tricky puzzle is just the ticket, but it’s harder to solve than you think.


Can you spot this hidden number 27 in this picture Credit: tiktok/@bigmanshawnklip

The image shows a grid of 100 different numbers – but there is an odd one.

Somewhere in the picture, 27 is hidden in a sea of ​​72, making it difficult to spot

Do you think you can find it?

You have the eyes of an eagle if you can find it in just 20 seconds.


You can set a time to see how fast you can find it and then see if your friends can beat your time.

The brain teaser was shared on TikTok and completely stunned the viewers.

need help finding number 27, start by looking in the top left corner and work your way through each row.

Have you found it yet?

Here’s the answer if you’re still looking.

The number 27 is in the fourth row down and is the fourth number in the row.

Social media users shared how quickly they solved the puzzle, with some finding it easier than others.

“I understand, but this was a trick,” said one.

Another agreed: “fourth line fourth number, but it took a second.”

How long did it take you to spot him?


How long did it take you to spot him?

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