“Your Childhood Dream Coming True”: Ahsoka Star Reveals What It’s Like Filming A Starfighter Scene In Star Wars

  • Filming the starfighter sequence Ahsoka It’s a dream come true for Ivana Sakhno, who feels like the pilot of a ship thanks to advanced technology and realistic set design.
  • this Ahsoka The production team went to great lengths to enhance realism, using Volume to create an immersive environment for Sakhno and the other actors.
  • While Singhati’s piloting skills are impressive, and she ultimately fails to destroy Ahsoka’s shuttle, her background and connection to Beran Skoll open the door for fascinating storytelling.

Ahsoka Star Ivanna Sakhno details the experience of filming Shin Hati’s starfighter sequences.exist Ahsoka In episode 3, Xin and Marok ambushed the arriving heroes on Sitos, damaging the T-6 Jedi shuttle in orbit. Although Sheen nearly knocked down her prey, she eventually lost Ahsoka and Sabine to a group of Pulgeirs.

during an interview Dagobah News In the podcast, Sahno explained the process of filming the starfighter scenes, noting that it made her childhood dream come true.

“It’s the coolest thing in the world! Overall, the sets — as with The Mandalorian, we’re using very advanced technology, so we have The Volume, which fills the screen and it’s unbelievable. But the actual ship and a lot of aspects of the physical world, they’re designed for the show. So I do remember sitting in front of my cockpit and really seeing me as a kid looking around and all the buttons On the job, you feel like it’s your childhood dream come true. You really feel like a pilot on a ship, and you can do it for a living. I’m giddy and so lucky to be able to experience it.”

this Ahsoka The production team went to great lengths to enhance the realism of Sakhno and the other actors. Putting Shin’s starfighter into the volume creates an immersive environment for Sakhno to chew the scenery, making the ship’s capabilities more believable.

Singhati’s driving skills are impressive

While Singhadi’s background remains a mystery, her driving skills should not be underestimated. She was presumably taught to fly by her teacher, Beran Skor, with an efficiency that many Jedi Padawan and Knights have demonstrated over the past few generations. Shin ultimately fails to destroy Ahsoka’s T-6 space shuttle, but their skirmish would have turned out differently were it not for some creative thinking from Tano and the occasional presence of Puljill.

The origin of this unblinking Dark Apprentice opens the door to several fascinating stories. Shen appears to be slightly younger than Sabine, making it unlikely that she was a young member of the Jedi Temple before Order 66. A tragic past may haunt the Force wielder, connecting her to Beran on an emotional level.Shin Hati may have another plane AhsokaGrand Admiral Thrawn’s return will bring unparalleled fleet combat.

Ahsoka New episodes release on Disney+ every Tuesday at 6pm (PT) / 9pm (ET).

Source: Dagobah Express

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