You Season 4 Star Explains What Kind of Ending Joe Deserves

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Part 2!Friend Star Tati Gabrielle explains how Joe deserves the ending. In a shocking turn of events, the second half of season 4 reveals that Marianne never boarded a train to Paris but was instead drugged and ended up locked in a glass cage. Spending days under an abandoned building, the character struggles with the thought of never seeing his daughter again. As for Joe (Penn Badgley), not only can he not move on, but after hitting his head, he begins to envision Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) responsible for the “Cannibal of the Rich” murder.

Although in the end Joe decided to take his own life Friend In season 4, he finally survives, suggesting his story could be even more interesting. in a recent interview internal television, Gabriel mentions the possibility of Joe dying at the end of the story. She revealed her reasons for opposing the idea, explaining that being forced to think about what he did would be a better outcome. Read Gabriel’s comment on Joe’s potential ending below:

I don’t think joe should die in the end [series] Because I think that’s too easy to get away with. It’s too easy to be punished. I feel like that’s what Joe wants, like he’d rather die than be in prison, in a cage somewhere, in solitary confinement. But I think Joe deserves it and has to live with it. In general, I am not a person who enjoys punishment in my life. I think that if someone did something to me and I responded to them in a kind way, they would feel guilty for not responding with the same aggression. [more] More than I can punish with a word or two of malice. They can justify themselves with those nasty words, and then they can get on with their day. So I feel, especially with Joe being such a thinker, this is going to eat him up. I think this is a more appropriate punishment.

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Joe will be caught by you?

For a moment Joe seemed dead in Friend Season 4 will be the end of the show, but he is unexpectedly saved by a police boat and taken to the hospital. There, he reunites with Kate (Charlotte Ridge) and confesses to past crimes, including the murder of Reece. Since Kate is currently in charge of her father’s company, she can wipe his image and have her by her side, so it’s unlikely that Jo will bring to justice later this year. Friend.

After seeing Reese’s reflection in the window and considering his mental state, Joe’s future after season 4 is unpredictable. Friend It’s likely Season 5 right now, but even if Joe could come back to life without a false identity, someone would still know about him. For example, Marianne faked her death and reunited with her daughter. She was last seen reading the title of an article about Joe and Love (Victoria Pedretti).

Another threat is Love’s family, who may not have the resources Kate has, but considering they hired someone to kill him, that could be an issue for Jo in the future. Speaking of wanting to change the world, it will be interesting to see what he and Kate do next, and if her fate is the same as that of his other victims. Should Netflix renew? Friend For season 5, Joe and those around him faced even more twists and turns.

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