You have to be as cold as ice to spot the weirdo in this optical illusion in less than five seconds.

IF you stay calm and ice cold, you may be able to spot a strange cookie in less than five seconds.

This incredible optical illusion has gone viral on the internet and has left most puzzlers stunned.


Find the unusual cookie in this optical illusion.

The image shows 162 individual cookies with the same fillings.

They are grouped in symmetrical columns, but there is an anomaly between them.

Your task is to find it in five seconds.

You can see?

Here’s a hint: Examine the finer details.

Don’t worry if you can’t spot it, The Sun Online has the answers for you in the image below.

In a red circle is the place where the cookie can be found.

If you scan the image, it consists of about three columns to the right and near the bottom of the brain.

With a lot of practice, optical illusions can improve people’s general intelligence and sharpen their mental awareness.

In this puzzling image, a dog sits almost hidden from view, and puzzle lovers are left baffled trying to spot it.

Can you also find the correct spelled word in this puzzle?

Meanwhile, the people were also challenged to find a small finch in a land full of rocks.

An unusual cookie is circled in red.


An unusual cookie is circled in red.

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