You have the eyes of a ghost hunter if you can spot the hidden ghost in this image within five seconds.

You may be blessed with the eyes of a ghost hunter if you see the hidden ghost in the image below within five seconds.

The incredible optical illusion has left many scratching their heads trying to identify the presence of ghosts.


Try to spot the ghost in the image Credit: Bright Side

The illusion depicts a formal party attended by 11 people, but only one of them is a ghost.

Your task is to find it in five seconds.

Helpful tip: pay close attention to the clothes each guest is wearing.

Optical illusions are a fantastic way to encourage your mind to think strategically while training your brain to focus.

Did you manage to spot the ghostly figure in time?

Don’t despair if you haven’t, The Sun Online has the answers for you in the image below.

The lady standing second from the left is the ghost in the room.

If you look again, you’ll see that her legs aren’t fully visible and are just a shadow.

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If you prefer brain teasers, find out if you have a genius IQ by spotting the correct word spelling in five seconds.

The hidden ghost is circled in red.


In a red circle there is a hidden ghost Credits: Bright Side

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