You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the second eagle in this mountain optical illusion in under 10 seconds

YOU CAN have perfect vision if you can spot an eagle hidden in this mountain landscape.

On the snowy mountain cliffs, a bald eagle can be seen flying along the bottom of the frame, but another lurks around.


The optical illusion has an eagle hiding inside the mountain Credits: Jagran Josh

The challenge is made even more difficult because you only have 10 seconds to spot the eagle – and only those with the best eyesight can find it.

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Your time is up – look a little closer at the top of the mountain – you will see the shadow of an eagle flying in the rocks.

If you didn’t find it in time, don’t worry, because we’ve rounded it up for you below.

Only those with perfect vision can spot it in less than 10 seconds


Only those with perfect eyesight can spot it in less than 10 seconds Credit: Jagran Josh

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