You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the fourth cat hiding in the woods in less than 8 seconds

YOU might only have twenty-twenty vision if you can spot a missing cat hidden in the woods in less than eight seconds.

The ball of cat fur is carefully hidden in plain sight as three other cats are clearly visible in the picture.


A fourth kitten is hiding somewhere inside this picture Credit: Tiktok/@_fun_and_games

It presents another brain teaser that viewers can use to trigger their cognitive processes.

This optical illusion might make you scratch your hair as you try to identify the fourth cat hiding somewhere inside the picture.

And if you can do it in eight seconds or less, then you certainly have the sharpest eyesight.

At first glance at the picture, you can immediately see three very small and cute black kittens sitting on the forest floor.

The cats are spread out in single file and all look directly at the camera as the picture is taken.

Around them are all the usual things you’d expect to find on the forest floor, including sticks, rocks and grass.

But somewhere else within the painting is a fourth missing cat.

Viewers might initially expect it to be another black one, potentially hidden beneath or behind one of its presumed relatives.

But after further checking, it turned out that this is not the case.

However, if viewers look closely enough, then they will be able to spot a much lighter colored kitten sitting patiently alone to the left of the others.

More specifically, opposite the black kitten at the top of the photo.

Hidden in plain sight is the fourth kitten, sitting in exactly the same pose as the other three, but only camouflaged against the background of the forest.

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However, the video, which was uploaded to Tik Tok, was commented on by many viewers who revealed how quickly they managed to spot the cat.

One viewer boasted, “I found it right away.”

Another added: “Took me 5 seconds.”

Still others claimed to have found it in lightning-fast times of one, two and three seconds.

If you found it just as quickly, then you might be trying your luck at something a little more difficult.

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A fourth cat can be seen to the left of the other three if you look closely enough


A fourth cat can be seen to the left of the other three if you look closely enough Credit: Tiktok/@_fun_and_games

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