You could have the highest IQ if you can spot the fake word in this brain teaser in five seconds

You DO have keen eyesight and a high IQ if you can spot the misspelled word in this tricky optical illusion.

This mind-blowing brain teaser will give you a chance to test your IQ and eyesight, but can you solve it in just five seconds?


Can you spot the fake word in just five seconds? Credit: Freshers Live

We challenge you to find the wrong word in this word game.

Hidden within this black and pink puzzle is the incorrect spelling BAD, but locating it may be more difficult than you think.

This hypnotic illusion requires you to take a closer look at this word maze and challenges you to spot it in just five seconds.

Optical illusions are a fantastic way to stimulate your mind to think strategically and are becoming popular daily brain teasers.

Try this brain teaser if you want to test your IQ or if you like to test your logical skills.

Many people have been stumped by this riddle, but if you can find the correct answer in five seconds or less, then you might have a high IQ.

Don’t worry if you can’t spot that annoying fake word because we have the answer.

If you adjust your eyes for a moment, you will be able to spot something suspicious to the right.

Couldn’t find it in time?

Why don’t you try to locate the hidden ghost in this ghost hunting game?

Or try to break this optical illusion that could help detect autism, according to scientists.

Renegade 'DAD' is hiding on the right


Outlaw ‘DAD’ is hidden on the right Credit: Freshers Live

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