You could be in the top 0.1% if you can spot the fish hiding with these octopuses in this optical illusion in 20 seconds

YOU could be in the top 0.1 percent if you spot the secretly hiding fish with these octopuses in just 20 seconds.

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas -also known as Dudolf- left us completely stunned with another of his shocking riddles.


Can you try to find fish in this sea of ​​purple octopuses? Credit:

Can you try to find the fish somewhere in this sea of ​​purple octopuses?

Just to throw them off, the artist added a few red herrings to the mix in the form of bows, shells, a top hat, and a treasure chest.

So how long will it take you to find the fish?

See if you can solve a tricky optical illusion in just 20 seconds.

Have you found it yet? If you’re really confused, scroll to the bottom for the big reveal.

You might as well be the record holder if you spot the hidden snake in this image in 20 seconds.

A slippery snake hides in this tricky optical illusion, which is dotted with green turtles.

It’s another clever riddle shared by Dudolf, who challenges fans with riddles on his blog and in his books.

For more brain teasers, if you consider yourself an expert at finding the remote, test your speed with this brain teaser.

UK-based furniture company ScS has released a series of interior design brain teasers to see how fast you really are.

If you want to challenge yourself even more, try to find a lamp in a sea of ​​sofas in a similar puzzle.

And the animal hidden in this optical illusion is so hard to spot that those who see it are in the top one percent.

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here is the answer


Here’s the answerCredit:

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