Wonder Woman Gets Redesigned Costume in Fanart DC Can’t Afford to Ignore

She’s the daughter of Themyscira on a mission to bring peace to the outside world, but DC’s Wonder Woman is also a style icon. Now, a new piece of fan art by artist Hannah Alexander draws on Princess Diana’s Amazonian heritage and reimagines her attire to perfectly embody her regal and warrior spirit. figure.

Wonder Woman’s outfit has undergone many changes since its debut in 1941. Ever since Princess Diana swapped out her star-striped dress for a pair of star-striped shorts, she’s usually constantly changing their appearance to keep up with the times. These changes were when Diana lost her powers and learned martial arts from a master of the I Ching, wearing various modern styles from the 1960s that seemed to take advantage of Emma Peel, played by British Diana Rigg. role play. success Detachment of revenge TV show. However, despite all the changes, Wonder Woman will soon be back in her classic red, blue, and yellow outfit, even if it’s regularly tweaked.

Diana has updated her classic look thanks to fan art recently posted by the artist Hannah AlexanderTwitter. Described as a sketch, the overall quality looks good and it can be considered a finished product. Alexander offers several designs of everyone’s favorite Princess Themyscira, each using the recognizable colors and shapes of the iconic Wonder Woman costume while adding cultural and historical details. to highlight the artist’s designs. Check out some of Hannah Alexander’s typical works below:

Alexander’s artwork is reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s movie costumes, transforming a comic book one-piece swimsuit into an armored combat suit. The pleated armor dress and lace-up boots were obviously a plus for Gal Gadot’s movie version, but Alexander added in his own creative touches, like the armor shoulder pads, the colored cape flowing red and blue, and sumptuous earrings. Each design takes turns getting ready for battle or on the red carpet, taking on Wonder Woman’s dual roles as deadly warrior and world leader. Perhaps the most striking element of Alexander’s designs were the colorful fabrics used in her gowns and shawls, giving the impression that Diana’s flowing gowns were constantly changing color. color as she moves.

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Whatever the future of Princess Themysciran, DC would certainly be wise to consider what Hannah Alexander has done for Wonder Woman when it comes to the next update to the character’s look.

source: Hannah Alexander

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