Woman climbs on top of Lamborghini to dance, breaks windshield: ‘Thoughtless and disrespectful’

A video of a woman who damaged the windshield of a luxury car went viral on social networks. In the video, a woman can be seen climbing onto a Lamborghini and smashing the windshield in the process. The viral video also left people with several comments. While some called her behavior “extreme” and “irresponsible”, others claimed that the video was staged.

The image shows a Lamborghini with a damaged windshield caused by a woman dancing on it. (Screen shot)

Originally posted on TikTok, the video later made its way to other social media platforms. A Reddit user shared the video with the caption, “Why do people do this just to get views and likes?”

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The video shows a woman standing in front of a blue Lamborghini. Soon, she jumps onto the windshield, which promptly shatters. As the video progresses, he is seen climbing onto the roof of the car and dancing.

Watch the viral video here:

Since it was posted, the video has garnered more than 9,100 upvotes – and the numbers are only growing. The share additionally accumulated tons of comments from people.

What did Reddit users say about this video?

“I don’t know what’s more horrible, the dance, her jumping on the car or the boring song,” wrote a Reddit user.

“These people are so thoughtless and disrespectful,” added another.

“A smart person, as soon as he noticed that he messed up, would have stopped filming and paid for the damage, and would not have continued with his video causing even more damage,” joined a third.

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“A smart person wouldn’t do that at all,” shared a fourth.

“It’s her car. She gets views and is paid for them. She even has a cyber truck that she shot at. She doesn’t care. She is probably a millionaire,” claimed the fifth.

“A smart person would probably recognize that this is tantrum bait, and the broken windshield just helps get more than enough reach to pay for a dozen windshields,” commented a sixth.

The woman in the video has been identified as TikToker @snowbunnyjelly. He allegedly records videos of himself jumping or throwing clubs or throwing drinks at luxury cars.

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